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Now let’s talk about Startups Stories.

Share Your Startup Story That Inspired To Millions.

If you would like to Featured on TechSparkle (A Startup Stories Submit Website) then share your startup story with our global audience then answer the following questions.

1. Your Startup Name*

2. Tell us about your startup (minimum 500 characters)*
(When and how did you start? How did the idea come up?)

3. What are the real world problems that your startup is solving?*
(Why do you think that now is the perfect time for your startup to exist?)

4. Brief about the founding members (minimum 250 characters)*
(Include them LinkedIn Profile)

5. Is your startup funded?*
(If yes, then how you succeeded in getting the funding. If No, how do you run the show?)

6. What is the biggest challenge that you face? And, how do you plan to overcome it?*

7. Top 3 marketing strategies that are working for you?*

8. What is your biggest achievement to date that you are proud of?*

9. Where do you see your startup heading in next one year?*

10. What is that one advice you’ll like to give to all the budding entrepreneurs out there?*

11. Your favorite Quote*

12. Your website / app/ video link*

13. Your email id*


1. What is the benefit of submitting my startup on your website?

Answer: There are various benefits of submitting your startup on Techpluto.

• Brand Exposure
• Lead Generation
• Get 100k+ Eyeballs
• PR coverage
• Various Startup Related Resources
• Attract VC and Investors Attention

2. Is it paid or free submit startup?

Answer: Yes, it’s free. The startup submission is free. You can choose “Priority Pass” for fast submission.

3. What is a selection criterion for coverage on TechSparkle?

Answer: The selection is decided on factors such as Idea novelty, Product vision, Impact potential, Underlying Tech, Innovation, Disruption factor, Social/Green impact and Market buzz.

4. Can I use the content used on another website or my website
Answer: No, we don’t prefer duplicate content if the information is original and accurate, it’s easy for our editorial team to process it. In the case of startup listing, we require unique information about the startup.

5. How to write a great pitch for your startup?
Answer: A great pitch consists of these factors mentioned below.

• Idea novelty
• Product vision
• Impact potential
• Underlying Tech
• Innovation
• Disruption factor
• Market buzz

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