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I don’t remember the last time I watched TV, but I remember the last video that I watched on YouTube. So, many of you can relate to this sentence, and it’s not even a surprise. YouTube has become the central place for on-the-go entertainment, no matter where you are. That having said, not many of you know about some hidden features and options in YouTube. To help you with that, we have created an article on some of those best YouTube tricks and tips out there. With these tips, you can make your entertainment even better.

A Note: Some of these tips would want you to install browser extensions. If you already are facing issues like the YouTube black screen, you can decide to skip them. That having said, there are some universal tips that you can keep using. Shall we check them out, then?

1. You Can Buy or Rent Movies and Watch Them on YouTube

Ever wanted to watch latest, full-length movies instead of short clips? YouTube lets you do that now. And, it even gets better, because you have two options — Rent them or Buy them. If you want to watch it once, you can simply rent the movie. On the other hand, if it’s your favorite and you want it all the time, you can get it permanently. And, whenever you want, you can start streaming the movie. It’s a completely legal way to see your favorite flicks on YouTube, you know.

2. Use Musixmatch to find Lyrics for Songs

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have lyrics on top of the player while the YouTube video is on? If you are using Google Chrome, there is an automatic way to do that. Musixmatch is a wonderful Chrome extension that is quite helpful. Once you launch the YouTube video of a song, Musixmatch will find the lyrics of the song and display it on top of the player. It’s perfectly synced too, so that you can listen to the music and find lyrics at the same time.

3 Watch VR Videos

This is a feature that most YouTube users don’t know about. As you know, VR is the next big thing and this video-sharing platform is already ready for that. So, you can use your Google Cardboard to watch VR Videos via YouTube. Once connected, you can click on the Cardboard button to start streaming the video in VR. As it’s a default and in-built feature, you have better stability and control over what is shown. You can also use a Daydream View Headset.

4. Turn YouTube Videos into GIF

This sounds fun, right? It’s equally easy too. it does not matter which YouTube video you are going to watch. You can turn it into a fully-fledged GIF file in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is to launch the option named GIF Maker by GIPHY. You can either upload the YouTube video file or simply place the link. Once you do that, you will be able to select the parts and convert them into a GIF file. Everything happens quickly that you won’t even know that it’s done.

5. Seek Videos using Double-Tap

This feature is available on the YouTube app for mobile devices, definitely Android. But, not many people do know about this one. In fact, the feature is really simple and will help you to manage videos easily. When it comes to watching a big video, it’s hard to move between the timeline. Instead of moving the pointer, you can double-tap on the either sides of the screen to seek 10 seconds. It’s also great when you are watching some important thing but don’t want to move too much.

6. Use the Cinema Mode

Normally, people go for two types of viewing modes on YouTube — the normal mode and the full-screen. It is possible that you need a medium point here, since you don’t want to go full screen, but you don’t want to see those videos on sidebar either. Enter Cinema mode, which can be activated from the player interface as well. Just click on it and the screen would be expanded sideways, making it a cinema-like experience. It’s one of the cool YouTube features you should check out.

7 Download YouTube Videos Easily

The last YouTube trick in the list, but probably the best one here. There are many ways to download a video from YouTube, right? You can use a third-party download tool or a third-party website. But, there is another easy option that lets you download the video without copying and pasting the URL. Instead of all these, you’d have to add ‘ss’ before the URL. It would be something like, with the video name of yours. From the page, you can instantly download the video in the quality you need.

To sum up, these are some of the best YouTube tips and tricks you can try out today. The tips would surely help you have an even better YouTube experience.

Guest Author: Mahesh is a technology enthusiast from Pune and is the editor of TechLila blog. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. He loves to read books, watch cricket and can be found watching Formula 1. He loves to explore technology and is delighted with every new smartphone launch that takes place.

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