Will SEO Press Release Distribution Still Work In The Future?

There’s no use denying that the past decade has significantly changed the way we do everything. In communications, these changes have been specifically blatant. Old PR and marketing methods have either died or had to evolve to keep up with the fast-paced modern world. Amidst all this change, the old-fashion sales tool of press release remains unfazed. Press release distribution is still a promotional method used by businesses worldwide. But will it stay that way? Will a seo press release still work in the future? Let’s tackle the topic.

What Is A Press Rlease?

A press release is a piece of content that contains news of a specific and significant event in a business or an organization. This can include a new product or service, a company event, or a new store – anything that could be important for your customers to know. Once this news is written, it’s distributed to the newswire, in the hopes that journalists would pick it up and write a news story about it.

How Is Press Release Done Today?

The internet has become a complete game changer. Businesses can now publish and distribute their press releases online either its free press release or paid press release distribution. There are various paid press release services available, with a varying extent of features and packages. These paid services can come at affordable rates and some staggeringly high price tag, all depending on a company’s budget. Aside from that, it’s now possible to publish a press release online for free. Both options can include anything from multimedia attachments to direct news desk delivery.

What Are The Benefits Of A Press Release Today?

We’ve mentioned how popular press release distribution campaigns still are and we’ve come up with the reasons why. Below are the top benefits a press release distribution can give to your business.

1. Everyone can benefit from a press release distribution. No matter how small your business is or whatever industry you are in, you can truly benefit from a good press release distribution campaign. Even if you might not have the most earth-shattering news, you still have a lot to say and share about your business and its development.

2. It’s a fantastic way to boost your visibility. Whether you avail of offline or online distribution services, the perks are the same. By distributing a newsworthy press release, you are sending a message about your business and reaching your target audience and potential customers.

3. It’s not that expensive. Compared to other advertising and sales tools, a press release distribution is relatively inexpensive. It can even actually be done for free. Most businesses write their own press releases. The expense only comes when it comes to distribution. And a lot of PR companies offer packages at reasonable and customizable rates.

4. Press Releases can help establish you as an expert in your industry. Once you’ve started releasing a number of press releases to the public that contains relevant and useful news, there is a high chance that you get considered as an industry expert. A press release is an excellent way to build trust with your audience, and this can happen when you become an industry expert. When your customers trust you, they are likelier to buy from you.

5. A press release can reach far and wide. Since most press releases are now distributed online, the potential to reach a massive amount of audience around the globe is entirely possible. More than half of the world’s population now has access to the internet. Just imagine how many people can potentially see your press release.

Can a press release distribution still work in the future?

Now that you know where press release distribution stands in today’s digital world, you must be asking, can a press release distribution still work in the future? We’re no fortune teller, but odds are – yes, the method of press release distribution isn’t likely to go anywhere. There are plenty of debates about whether or not the method press release is still alive or dead. However, it remains a popular method of gaining promotion with a lot of upside benefits for any kind and any size of business. Its benefits outweigh everything you might be concerned about. Furthermore, Press Release Distribution has been able to and is still able to adapt to technological developments. The bottom line? A press release will still work in the future.

Guest Author: Michael Santiago is an experienced leader and innovator with a long track record of successfully developing brands online. His proficiency in growing SaaS platforms, generating web traffic and global team building has aided in driving Newswire’s rapid growth. Michael strives to make Newswire the disrupter in the PR and Marketing space, allowing businesses to attract media attention without the need for high-priced agencies.

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