Which Operating System Should You Choose For Your Next PC?

When you think about investing in a new computer it is very daunting because there are so many different options available that is often confusing with regards to which model you should invest in. You need to select an operating system that supports SPDY and improves your internet speed. If you are worried about not being able to decide which operating system is right for you then here are some operating systems options that you might want to consider investing in.


Windows is the most popular operating system when it comes to computers specifically your desktop and laptop and while Microsoft has been ruling the market for a really long time it has got some serious competition from other competitors as well. Windows is very user friendly which is why it has been so popular for so long and because most of the population has gotten used to the Windows operating system it is difficult for them to make a switch from Windows to any other operating platform. The best part about Windows is that you can install some amazing software as well as hardware to your computer or desktop and customise it just the way you want to. If you love playing games then there’s no better way to customise your computer than to have a Windows operating system installed in it. Another reason why Windows is definitely better is because you will manage to find a good quality Windows computer or laptop irrespective of what your budget is.


Next in line comes the Mac Operating System which has been extremely popular with all Apple lovers. Mac is a little more complicated as compared to Windows especially if you’ve been using Windows for a really long time. Once you do get used to a Mac computer it would be difficult for you to make a switch back from a Windows computer to a Mac computer because the operating system is very different from one another. If you have a Windows computer at work then it would make more sense for you to invest in a Windows computer or laptop at home as well however if your office computer is a Mac book then you might want to invest in a Mac book for home as well. Another reason why investing in Mac makes sense is because the format of a Mac is different as compared to that of Windows and if you are spending a lot of time on a Mac computer it makes more sense for you to use the same platform even at home. As compared to Windows Mac is definitely safer and less prone to being hacked. While most Mac books come at a high price there are also some student Mac books that are available which are in the budget range for people who are looking for mid priced computers and laptops. A good selling point of Mac is that it lasts longer and it does not give you any problems.


Google hasn’t stayed too far behind when it comes to an Operating System. After introducing Android for mobile phones Google has now introduced the Chrome operating system that a lot of laptops as well as computers are using. If you’re wondering what makes the Chrome different then you need to remember how convenient it is for you to use your Android smartphone and imagine the number of features on the phone that can now be used on your computer or laptop as well. While Chrome is a fairly new operating system in comparison to the Mac book or the Windows operating system it is definitely gaining a lot of popularity because it is very user friendly. You can’t use Chrome when you are running Windows or Linux and you need to make sure that you install your Chrome operating system correctly so that your PC works smoothly. Although not a lot of organisations have Chrome installed it is easy to use Chrome and Windows 7 at a nice speed because both are very user-friendly and there is not a lot of difference in terms of the applications and software that are used. There is a wide range of chrome books that are available and Chrome is becoming a new popular operating system especially for students because it’s very convenient and you can download a wide array of different kinds of applications on your computer as well.


If you like using Windows but you still like the safety that a Mac Book has to offer then the best thing to do is install the Linux operating system. While Linux is extremely safe and it comes with a lot of features that an Apple Mac Book operating system has to offer it is very user-friendly and convenient to use. The best part about LINUX is that you can install your Chrome software as well as a number of other web based applications using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. This makes it easy for you to migrate from any other platform to Linux. If you’ve used some platform and you’re not happy with it and you’re looking for a new operating system then you might want to consider Linux because of the fact that it’s so compatible with a lot of other applications and software that you are able to install.


If you thought that Android was only for your smartphones then you need to think again. You can now install Android on your tablet and convert the tablet into a mini laptop for you to use no matter where you are. There are tons of benefits of doing this and one of it is that you have almost everything that you need on your tablet which you can carry with you no matter where you go and this makes it easy for you to work in a more streamlined manner. While some tablets come with a SIM slot there are others that do not have a SIM slot. If you plan on using your Mini Android tablet as your main computer you might want to consider using one that has a SIM slot so that you have internet connection irrespective of way you are. All you need to do is invest in a Bluetooth keyboard for your tablet to make it more convenient to type. While some people believe that it could get a little congested, once you get used to your tablet or computer you might not want to use any other computer mainly because it’s so easy to operate and convenient as well.

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