Turn Your Smartphone Into An Immersive Binocular With EyeQ

Ever since the first sporting event was broadcast in 1921 on a radio, technology has evolved continuously until date, influencing the way sports fans experience games. However, such technologies have surfaced the industry that can enable you to experience an enhanced viewing of many live events like sports, theatre, athletic fields and scenes at the local park. Now you can now witness scene having utmost immersive flare using your own smartphone.

Back in September 2017, the tech-leader Apple has launched an AR Kit at a San Francisco Giants baseball game. Ove the promotion the MLB’s At Bat App was introduced that allows fans to get even the minute stats on players over the field.

However, some many issues sprawled up with the app over the devices. One of the biggest problems with the MLB app technology was the gadget itself. To use it you have to point the iPads or iPhones at the field, placing it right inform of your face while focusing on the players. It’s more like watching the live football game through an Apple devices while holding it just inches away from your face. The main issue that hinders its popularity was that during a live event the bright outdoor lighting conditions turns viewing into a terrible.

To provide a better viewing experience to sports fans, the Tech Company Parle introduced an Innovative binocular eyeQ. These incredible immersive smartphone binoculars take Artificial Reality to a new level. The motto of the company was to eliminate the separation that is created by a digital device while viewing a sporting event using an iPad or any smartphone.

“The eyeQ is really going to change the way people capture and view life experience” – Steve Kalman, VP Strategic Development

Now you do not have to fiddle with your phone to look up for stats on or Wikipedia. Keep reading and learn more about eyeQ.

What Is An eyeQ?

The eyeQ device is the augmented reality binocular that offers a completely immersive experience to sports fans for witnessing every minute details and acquiring stats of the players during live sports. This incredibly immersive binocular provides a chance to sports fans to watch baseball or any other events using HD lenses. These lenses enhance the display on iPhone, iPads or on any smartphone’s screen. Moreover, the experts working at mobile application development companies in UK for providing unique viewing experience consider the eyeQ binocular as a cutting-edge technology.

Make makes eyeQ unique is that it is not solely used for streaming live professional sports. A proud dad can use it to view his little son playing a soccer game or a grandfather who want to watch every minute details about the match. On the other side, a mom can use it to capture every precious moment of her family in a special event. The eyeQ offers various amazing features and an incredible range of possibilities for users who have never experienced AR before on smartphone apps.

How Does It Work?

The eyeQ is designed to cater simple and convenient methods of using it. You have to only download the app and synchronize with the eyeQ. Put your smartphone into the universal mount and voilà! That’s how you are ready to use it in a blink! Hold the binoculars and place it up to the eyes for viewing.

With the eyeQ device, you can capture images, record videos and stream live videos with just a tap of fingertip upon any device elsewhere. This immersive binocular transforms the idea of streaming video along with the way people watch live sporting events. The eyeQ offers advanced streaming facility for all sorts of events whether an amateur soccer or professional baseball games. Undoubtedly, with such an amazing device the future of immersive augmented reality becomes limitless.

Using The eyeQ

As easy as it is to connect the eyeQ with your smartphone, it is equally convenient to operate as well. The eyeQ is far less complicated. This AI integrated binocular has a touchpad that enables you to control the camera of their smartphone. You do not have to remove your cell phone constantly to change settings. The eyeQ quickly connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the smartphone. You can record video, share while live streaming, snap photos and watching everything in stunning HD.

AR Binoculars For Sports

Leagues including the Major League Baseball along with other sports leagues across the globe embrace the augmented reality technology. The “Smart” fans of sports like baseball can now enjoy every minute details of every innings throughout the games. The smart fans are the most dedicated one; they want to enjoy every single detail about their favorite sport. With eyeQ, you do not have to toggle through your app to scroll the stats.

In short, eyeQ enhances an AR experience and delivers much more than a simple downloadable AR app can offer. It enables zoom capabilities, enhances the watching experience, lives sharing of interesting moments along with video and photo capturing.

Guest Author: Carrie Burson is a content writer, a marketer and entrepreneur who has worked with
various mobile application development company Ingic in London. She consists 5 years’ experience in the writing turf plus containing a curate of consciousness and an eye for imagination, she contributes each subject with a pioneering flare.

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