Top 6 Mobile Ad Networks That Are Popular With The Leading Brands

There are handful of Mobile Ad Networks available in the market. But have you ever thought what do these Mobile Ad Networks do? Let us make it easy for you, they gather advertisements from the advertisers and sell it to the app publishers and developers. So, basically Mobile Ad Networks are the platforms that connects the advertisers and the publishers.

Thanks to the Mobile Advertising Networks, the advertisers get space to place their advertisement, meanwhile publisher gets to monetize their app by selling the ad space. Now, the next question arises, why do we need Mobile Ad Networks? A research done by -we are social, shows a staggering 81% of smartphone users keep their phone on or near them each hour a day. People spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per day using their smartphone!!!

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Such vigorous use of mobile is unfolding opportunities for mobile advertising platforms on a scale never seen before – and getting bigger with each passing day. As of leading data, it is proved that there are more mobile devices in the world than people. And India is in the epicentre, with one of the highest smartphone usage rates in the world.

Tapping the same burgeoning opportunity, Mobile Ad Networks are doing wonders in this industry. With the team of dedicated researchers, industry professionals and extraordinary technology Mobile Ad Networks are successfully materializing the business goals and providing assured profits.

We have made a collection of best Mobile Ad Networks, you can choose either of them which serves your interest the best:

1. DGM

DGM offers a plethora of online marketing solutions that includes modern technologies, marketing, unique processes, expertise, and quality supply sources including email, display, search, and social. They have successfully been leading the market for last 12 years, helping companies in attaining measurable results on the digital medium, with their fantastic global reach with major business in, India, UK, Australia and Singapore. DGM India has its privately owned proprietary processes and technology platform known as DAST [DGM Ad Serving Technology] that includes the modern ad serving features with advanced web analytics to monitor advertising expenses.

2. India Vigyapan

India Vigyapan is a digital advertising and marketing company, it is a full-service company and has been connecting advertisers with publishers and end users from more than 10 years. Their privately-owned ad network – CPMEARN, helps offer publishers with revenue for their unused ad space without increasing their operational costs. They are acclaimed as a mobile advertisement platform. The other services they offer are: popup and pop-under ads, and overlay ads. They have managed to win some big clients including brands such as KFC, Flipkart, BMW, Puma, Coca Cola, and HDFC bank.

3. Tyroo

Tyroo is based out of New Delhi and is a leading mobile advertising platform. It allows its customers to offer a homely experience and performs in accordance with the behaviour of audiences in growing markets; specialising in app monetization on commerce-based actions. They deliver 20 billion+ ads every month, catering a wide range of consumers across 15 focus markets. They have successfully marked their presence across Delhi, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and currently expanding across the world.

4. Apps Discover

Apps Discover Premium Mobile Ad Network is highly popular Mobile Advertising Platform of Asia. It also offers the most preferred online affiliate programs & affiliate marketing products which helps the advertisers across multiple industrial backgrounds to advertise their service offerings. They also track mobile ad campaigns in the easiest way possible, with their in-house real-time monitoring software. Their quality traffic drive is exponentially useful to advertisers and publishers both. They maximize ROI with quality traffic, global reach, and engaging AD formats that offers a great experience to the audiences that lets them bookmark Apps Discover for more.

5. AdChakra

AdChakra is a cross-channel digital advertising company helping the brands and businesses to
attain their marketing goals. It’s just 8 years of AdChakra and it holds the distinction of winning the ‘Deloitte Fast Technology India’ Award for 2010 & 2011. This happened in the first four years of its inception!! Their client list includes big names of industry such as Toshiba, Vatika, Toyota, and Sparx etc.

6. Ybrant

Ybrant is a digital media company providing digital marketing solutions to agencies, businesses and online publishers across the world. The digital-channel solutions- coupled with massive local presence and flexible and scalable platforms of Ybrant Digital enables the ads to reach the right audience for advertisers, delivering the desired messages and better revenue for content owners. Ybrant Digital joins hand with publishers to increase their revenue and maximise inventory usage, providing optimized and smart display technologies which forms a network of creative solutions.

Guest Author: Nikhil Reddy is a tech savvy content writer by passion and associated with a Premium Mobile Ad Network – Apps Discover Technologies. Nikhil writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, startups, and marketing professionals. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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