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Top 5 Questions That You Should Ask Before Beginning iOS/Android App Development

The burning question for every business today is whether they require a mobile app or not and whether it would be truly beneficial for their business. With the number of mobile apps all around shooting up every month and businesses looking to expand into this territory, it is but inevitable that you consider this for your business. However, it is important that you consider quite a few things before deciding upon mobile app development. Having been into both android application development and iOS application development, we’ve shortlisted the top 5 questions for you to consider before you venture into it; read on.

1. Can You Actually Fit What You Offer Into A Mobile App?

This is perhaps the most important question that you should answer before you proceed to the next steps. Consider carefully as to whether you can fit your service into the mobile app form and cater to customers and only then go for it. It doesn’t matter if others have thrived in this; there is truly no point in you venturing into this area if it doesn’t fit your business model. There would be no use for your mobile app and you can’t tap into the potential of this market in such a case. We recommend that you get a satisfactory answer to this question before looking into android application development or iOS application development.

2. Is There Any Plan To Attract Customers To Your App?

Why do you think customers will download your app and how are you going to get them to do it – these are the next set of questions for you to look at. It is important to think about cost per installation, app’s lifetime, average revenue and some other metrics such as retention metrics, cost per loyal customer, app churn rate and so on.

3. Is There Anything That You Are Actually Trying To Solve With An App?

Are your customers facing any problem that you are trying to solve or is there something that your app is specifically targeting? For instance, apps that help users look up restaurants or order food online cater to a specific need – ordering food from nearby outlets from wherever they the user is. Is your app designed to specifically address some problem or do you simply want to have an app for your business without any roadmap? Looking into this will lend you perspective and help you decide as to whether you should opt for android or iOS application development.

4. Do You Know Your Customers?

Have you given a thought to your customers’ preferences and tastes? Are you aware of all their wants and needs? When you step into iOS or android application development, you should actually consider what your user would look for in your app. This is sort of an automatic follow up to the previous question so much so that you can think of it as an extension of it. While you are at this stage, it would be helpful to look into the following as well – would be going for a paid app or a free app? Which is more likely to appeal to your specific user base?

5. Do You Have A Maintenance Plan Or A Financial Plan?

With mobile app development, there are a lot of factors (financial ones) to consider even before you go into it. There is a cost associated with maintenance for the app, support is another thing apart from beta testing, user testing and so on. Having a firm grasp of metrics and planning for them is very important to ensure that you are not at a loss in the future and unprepared for emergencies.

Once you have a satisfactory answer for all these questions, it is important to have the right team in place for android or iOS application development. Make sure that you consider all these aspects before deciding upon an app for your business. Good Luck!

Guest Author: Lalji Patel is a marketing professional who love to blog about different marketing topics. He is graduated as a computer science engineer and currently working as an online marketing manager helping business with search and content marketing on various project, currently he is brilliantly working on project – Mobile App Development Company India His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flow through in expert industry coverage he provides.

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