TOP 5 Mobile Tools that Help Students Better Prepare for SAT and ACT Tests

A good score on your SAT or ACT exams is a step closer to you winning a scholarship or getting a college admission. As you all know, choosing a college can be very daunting as the majority of colleges and scholarship programs require students to sit and pass SAT and ACT exams in order to secure an admission or win the scholarship. Therefore, passing these tests is very important, and requires the student to go the extra mile in order to make sure that they pass.

There are numerous classes in which students can get tutored and prepared for their exams. Problem is, not all students are able to attend these long and expensive classes or afford to pay a private tutor. Also, in some cases, a student can afford the classes but have difficulty in juggling between school work and the SAT/ACT classes. Another issue may be that the tutoring centers are far from where the student is, making it impossible for him or her to attend these classes. Luckily, with today’s advanced technology, a student can get well prepared for their exams, right at their fingertips. Technology has enabled students to access numerous applications that can help them prepare well for their test at an affordable fee, and even for free with great flexibility and comfort!
The proliferation of smart gadgets has provided students with mobile platforms, applications and innovative options that are so simple, flexible and cheap for them to prepare well and pass their tests. With just a few taps on smartphone or tablet, you can easily pass your SAT or ACT.

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Below is a list of carefully selected applications that are simple, cheap and proven to be beneficial and can help you prepare well for your tests. They not only help you prepare but also offer motivation by presenting the test questions in a fun and engaging manner, easily to grasp and comprehend.

Khan Academy

With a mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere, Khan Academy is probably the best and cheapest app to study and prepare for your ACT and SAT exams. It has a very interactive platform that provides students with thousands of practice questions, video lessons, and hints. With Khan Academy, you get a tailored practice plan that’s created from your results and pinpoints areas that you need to practice more on. You also get instant progress reports that enable you to know how well prepared you are. Its recent partnership with the College Board for the redesigned SAT has seen Khan expand its study resources significantly for SAT preparation. With Khan Academy math videos lessons, you stand a better chance at brushing up on ratios, complex numbers, geometry and much more, just to mention but a few. You also get to replay the videos as many times as possible, increasing your chances of grasping the content on topics that you didn’t quite grasp before.

Prep4SAT / Prep4ACT

This app is designed to offer students practice on the go. Prep4SAT / Prep4ACT is packed with short and well-structured questions that offer good practice and don’t require large chunks of dedicated time. This is great as one gets to spread out their study into short intervals. With access to over 1,000 free questions, you get to learn the critical concepts tested on SAT and ACT exams. The app also gets to track your study and offer analytics on how you’re improving. It also pinpoints areas that you need to work on. You get to do a full simulation similar to actual exams; a good amount of practice with these questions will enable you to get to work within the required time in the real exams.


Play2Prep offers students with a fun way to prepare for their ACT and SAT exams through interactive games designed to test your English and Math skills. It also offers a personalized training and progress tracking records. You get to practice on questions, each having its own instructions and completion time, together with an explanation of the correct answers. Play2Prep also offers an additional and amazing feature that allows you to go into competitive mode and play games with other users. On the competition mode, learners get to challenge each other with sets of crafted questions. This helps you and your friends motivate each other in your preparations for SAT or ACT test.


SAT Up / ACT Up offers a personalized test to prepare you for your SAT or ACT tests. With over 3,000 questions written by experts to practice on, the app offers you an initial test in which it uses your performance results to build a personal roadmap to increase your score. It does so by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and builds a daily “workout’’ for you. You also can set for yourself the difficulty level; and then practice on the subjects, be able to read out detailed solutions alongside each question and review in depth the questions missed. You also get to practice with vocabulary games, full-length practice tests, and on-demand tutoring. You can also work with their top-tier tutors at a small fee to gain an extra edge on your studies. To Go To Go provides a platform where you get to interact in real-time and you get to learn with assistance from live tutors in the preparation of your SAT or ACT. Not only do they answer your questions but also they explain via digital blackboards on how they arrived at the answers. With the app, you get to ask questions or send photos of questions that stump them. A live tutor then gets to respond to it and walk you through the answer. Through To Go you can also get to work together with the tutor via a digital interface.


With the availability of smart gadgets, practicing and passing your SAT and ACT exams has never been this easy. The above-mentioned applications are among the cheapest and surest ways to passing your exams and to get help with your college paper editing or scholarship application. They offer great study flexibly, simulate real exams scenarios, and give you the opportunity to even interact and share with live tutors and fellow students. They are also available on various mobile platforms at a cheap price and some are free!

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