Top 10 SEO Practices To Watch Out In 2017

Staying on the top of the search engine ranking is what every website on the internet dreamed of. Everyone make the efforts to get the benefit of search engine optimization, but as the search engines are evolving at the breakneck pace, keeping track of all the changes is a daunting task.

The businesses usually hire the online SEO services to know that their SEO strategy has either become obsolete or forbid by the search engines.

But, the online SEO services also don’t have any magical crystal ball by looking at which they can illustrate what SEO practices and techniques will drive maximum traffic to the website in the coming year.

Based on the interviews with some of the industry leading Digital Marketing services provider, the list of the 10 SEO practices is rounded up that keeps the businesses ahead of the competition.

Top 10 holistic SEO strategies which will work in 2017 and in the years to come:

1. Mobile-First Will Impact

The accelerated mobile search that are surpassing the desktop searches is a trend that will stay in the future that Google has perfectly understood. The speed has always remained a major cornerstone for the search engines.

That’s why Google has taken an initiative in 2015- Google AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) which works as a standard for the websites to quickly load on the mobile. Due to the users shift to the mobile-first and Google’s announcement, making the website mobile optimized has become a requirement.

Lamur hull, founder of organic clicks said, “With Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google loves speed and so should you!”

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2. Voice Search – Evolution Of New Search Era

With the upsurge in technology growth, the world is moving towards contact-less tech wherein just waving your hand will work as a touch. The voice search is also an advanced technique that users are adapting over text search.

According to Google results, “On an average, 50% of teens and 21% of adults are making 144 billion searches on mobile through voice commands.”

In the years to come, the voice search will not remain limited to just voice recognition and then produce results. Instead, when the voice search gets tied up with AI, the search engine will understand the user accent and habits, and get access to the users’ eyeballs about which the users will be completely unaware of.

3. Transform with SERP

From the penguin update to the present times, identifying what changes the Google is making in its algorithm is a big mystery. Although, the search engines analysts based on the testing and in-depth research keep informing about the incremental changes and their implications on the businesses. Those flow with the changes is able to stack up in the market.

For Instance: Last year, it’s declared that ideally meta description limit should not be lesser than 100 characters and title length should not be longer than 65 characters. The meta description and title limit must be updated to enhance the brand visibility, otherwise, the website is obscured.

4. Schema Markup- Sometimes Forgotten

Less often, the schema markup is regarded as important to include. But, it’s a shortcut to improve SERP. Yes, with schema markup actually a code is put into the website that helps search engine crawlers better understand content, index and rank the website.

Intelligently integrate the schema markup in the website with from the scratch. Make sure schema markup should not be done like keyword stuffing, otherwise the strategy will backfire.

5. User-Focused Content Will Win

A lot of time is invested in including and ranking the keywords at the top position. But, the search engines praise those websites that are adept at understanding what the user expects in the result when they type the queries. Ensure the content must be optimized for your users with the proper evaluation of the analytics.

Mindy Weinstein, the president of Market Mind Shift said, “The Search engines have continuously taken steps to better understand users, which is something we should also be doing.”

6. Videos Will Not Be An Afterthought

Pictures are worth the thousands of words, and videos stay on the top of it and makes the content engaging. That’s the reason 50% of the video search initially is done on the YouTube and it has become the second largest search engine.

Mobile audience prefers to access and share the mix of content. Ignoring the overwhelming response of the flock towards video is a big mistake. Go with the flow to boost up the website ranking in 2017.

7. Cross-Channel Marketing

It is rising in popularity as the people are using a myriad of devices and platforms to search and access the content, so to make your website visible everywhere, it’s good to market the services across multiple channels. When the audience is targeted after knowing their behaviour and habits, getting connected with larger user base becomes easier.

8. Site Performance

The speed at which the site loads is a paramount factor that search engines consider. It’s crystal clear to everyone and the factor that will remain in future as well, no matter if the website is packed so many functionalities or a few one.

Moreover, the organic SEO services have also analyzed that organic performance gets to shoot up with site performance improvements. Fix the issues to make your site load in less than 3 seconds.

9. Link Building In The Real-Time

Gone are the days, when one has to wait for months to plan and execute the SEO strategy to improve SERP. The latest update to the Penguin algorithm has turned the table upside down wherein the links may qualify in a real quick once they are crawled.

It implies that repair of the damaged link or link building is feasible in the real-time. It’s a new era of link building that you should welcome open-handed to innovate with new tactics.

10. Invest In Social To Witness Success

In the digital marketing, the businesses have witnessed 76% of the SEO marketers use the social media to uplift the SERP of the websites. Why don’t you be the one? Get epic success leveraging the power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on, to make the content gain more importance on the search engine than before.

What Will You Be Chasing?

The SEO services are not like following what’s written in the manual, while it’s a dynamic practice that websites have to keep updated to get sync with the search engine algorithmic changes. The ten listed practices are the ways to tip the scales in the favor of website on the search engines. What’s your plan? Wanted to get back on the track by upgrading with the modern trends? If so, conduct a digital assessment and get right there.

Guest Author: Mr. Michael Waugh is a digital marketer that specializes into innovative SEO strategizing and work at Potenza Global Solutions. He is also passionate about blogging that covers Organic SEO Services. social marketing, internet marketing, and content marketing. Professionally, he has 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and has worked for the leading brands across the globe. Follow us on Twitter

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