The Gadgets You Need for an Awesome Event

When it comes to event planning – whether it’s a birthday or a wedding reception – preparation is always crucial and, at the same time, tedious. You need to secure the catering, arrange for the special entertainment, make appointments with venue organizers, and generally everything else that demands a great deal of your time and attention.

Luckily, the world of tech has a lot to offer in the realm of event planning. There are gadgets that can help you prepare for your home and create an experience your guests wouldn’t want to erase from their memories.

If you’re having problems with organizing your event or at least making it more exciting, you can use these gadgets to give your event planning – and the event itself – an awesome one!

Pico Projectors

If you need to present a quick slideshow for a wedding reception or a post-bar mitzvah party, or you just want to give the organizing team a quick briefing, then a portable projector is your best bet. In this case, a pico projector can help you share slideshows and presentations on the spot. These handheld devices are lightweight, but powerful enough to wide projections. This makes them a great back-up plan in case the venue’s projection equipment runs into trouble.

Wireless Presenters

Going through a slideshow during a conference? You can always have someone control the presentation for you. But what if you can control it remotely. With a wireless presenter, you spare yourself the trouble of telling somebody “Next slide, please!” just to move the discussion forward. With a wireless presenter, at least, you can go from one page to another with just a click or two. That’s not all, though, it also comes with a built-in laser pointer that should come in handy when you’re discussing facts and figures at a seminar.

Measuring App

Want to know if a ballroom is big enough for 300 guests? In many cases, the venue itself won’t provide you with the specific measurements of a certain area. In this sense, many event planners use measuring apps that allow them to get near-accurate estimates of the size of any room. EasyMeasure, for instance, allows you to measure the dimension of any objects. This will help a lot in setting up event rentals such as the staging, buffet table, and seating arrangements.

Livestream Cameras

If you’re holding corporate events such as trade shows and product unveilings, it’s important that you let your audience know what’s happening in real-time. For this, you might want to consider live streaming the event over Facebook Live, YouStream, or YouTube Live. Then again, using your phone’s camera is simply not enough. You need to deliver quality audio and video toward your audience, so you might as well use an HDMI camera that can hook to a live streaming app. That way, you can capture important highlights in crystal clear definition as they happen.

360-degree Cameras

From taking panoramic shots, cameras have indeed come a long way. In fact, they have allowed for immersive experiences never before imagined. With 360-degree cameras, you can record or stream your events that give audiences full immersion. This also gives you a great way to narrate your event and enable viewers to be “where the action is.” Anyone with a smartphone can watch your 360-videos and feel as though they are already taking part in the event itself.

VR Tech

And speaking of immersion, of course, we can never rule out virtual reality or VR tech from the realm of events organizing. Perhaps, the best application of this technology is during trade shows where you can invite interested people to try out a product or, at least, a concept of a product. Although this technology hasn’t come full circle as of yet, constant optimizing will eventually create a more perfect version of this important piece of tech.

Camera Drones

Drones are not a new thing recently, but their impact on events planning is just too significant to ignore. Whether you’re organizing a concert or a beach wedding, drones can be a great way to document your events from a more daring perspective. You can take stunning shots of the horizon and the surrounding landscape, making for a more dramatic way to document the event as it unfolds.

Virtual or AI Assistants

Virtual assistants are slowly becoming the norm as more and more people become adopt the technology for other platforms other than their homes. For events planners, services such as Google Assistant and Alexa can help a lot with setting up appointments and answering phone calls while you’re busy with the staging. AI assistants are also great for giving useful suggestions for tasks such as preparing a menu.

Wearable Tech

Is technology getting smaller each year? We all could agree, and we can also agree that smart wristbands are becoming a necessity across every industry. Smart wristbands can also be synced with your smartphone so you won’t have to go through the trouble of checking your smartphone’s calendar every now and then. Another wearable gadget that can potentially help events organizers comes in the form of eyewear. Though products such as Google Glass are still under development, there’s no denying the fact that they can provide events organizers with a hands-free way to keep everything under control.

Productivity Apps

These aren’t gadgets, to begin with, but they can help events planners with organizing. From preparing a budget to maintaining a list of contacts, these apps can help a lot in terms of easing up the workflow. It’s only a matter of choosing the right apps that offering the most benefit. Of course, events planners may search along the lines of G-Suite and other cloud-based services that allow them to share documents with their teams. Bulletin board-style apps such as Trello and Meister Task are also great for achieving better collaboration.

Indeed, planning for an amazing event can be taxing. But with the right tech, companies and individuals won’t have to waste time in securing a memorable experience for their guests.

Guest Author: Samantha Black is a content writer and currently working with Accel Event Rentals, a wedding and event organizer company. She loves working in the ever-changing world of Event management and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s business era.

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