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The Effect Of Artificial Intelligence On Mobile Applications

Mobile app developers has built AI apps, which introduces new potentials. So in what way can AI and API help to develop apps for the coming generation? How does AI change the trend of mobile app development?

Develop an AI App with the help of Voice Control

In the early days of Android and iOS, the mobile apps used to be highly shattered but as the days have gone, the ecosystem has become more integrated. The mobile devices manufacturers and the OS owners do not want to confuse their audience to go through hundreds and thousands of apps to search for one they need. To improve the navigability and searching process, the app developers are incorporating deep linking into their apps to make the content efficient, productive and informative, which allows users to work across apps without needing to launch them separately. Another powerful way to provide smooth and efficient navigation is by giving voice commands. Businesses build an AI app by integrating their mobile apps with voice interfaces, and this has critical roles in taking the mobile ecosystem into new heights.

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Integrating the so-called technology into a mobile app is no longer a task nowadays. The voice interface appendage to the mobile app interface. Figures are always misleading. Therefore, not going by the usual stats and shared assumptions, really make us believe that an ordinary person who is encircled with various connected devices does not want to get confused by using multiple devices at the same time to do simple tasks. If a smartphone can be used to set alarms then where is the use of having a dedicated alarm clock for it?

Similarly, your mobile device can be used to used control Air conditioner and manage the temperature for you using simple voice commands. One universal interface can work across all devices to complete simple tasks. Android and IOS developers develop AI app that is relatively simple and cost-effective.

Develop AI Apps that Recognizes Behavior Patterns of Users

Why do people tend to uninstall the app after using it once or twice? One of the primary reasons for this is that an app fails to engage the user more and they uninstall it soon after their purpose gets over. The user should have a reason to stay on the app and search for more. The AI mobile apps help to support users in taking crucial decisions. Businesses hire a mobile app development company that build AI apps that satisfy various purposes in ecommerce apps, utility apps etc. These apps will be smart and will quickly become aware of behavior patterns of users with time.

Build AI Apps to Give Personalized User Experience

AI apps are able to suggest a customized routine for its users, which relies upon user activities in the past week. Amazon amazingly rebuilt itself around AI. All its products have been infused with AI since its very beginning. Chatbots have now replaced the customer care representatives. Apple, Facebook, Microsoft all have applied deep learning to the recommendation problems and blown us away with amazingly better results. Mobile app development companies are giving tailor-made customer experience to the customers by integrating AI technology into the application.

Challenges of AI Apps

We need a different mentality to check the effects and advantages of AI. Similarly, there is a need to be very alert about the various developments that AI brings for us. AI is something that humans have introduced for their comfort. The robots and chatbots like Siri Cortana and other similar apps, which humans have built for their assistance, are soon overpowering them in intelligence. It’s important to note that thousands of software engineers have put their unlimited time and effort to build up such responsive personal assistants who can assist us on tap on the screen just like a genie who is capable of granting any wishes only by rubbing the magic lamp.

Brighter Side to Applications that use AI

AI holds the power to unlock human potential and develop real material results for the business. This can help the marketers and salespeople take better decisions and increase profitability metrics for business. AI has become an inseparable part of mobile apps. Engineers build AI app to provide their users with an intuitive experience. They need quick and responsive apps and stay away from confusing and time-consuming sites. There has been an increase in the number of users who wish to adopt devices to make their living easy.

AI-based Apps-Application and Advantages

If a smartwatch can help track their daily routine, health, schedule meetings can help in checking emails and set alarms etc.; they are happier to have it. This trend is only going to prevail and additionally enhance in the coming years. Developers will have to adapt to their user needs with natural interfaces. Cortana, Hound, Recent News, Elsa, Stifr Magic Cleaner, Google Allo, Robin are the seven best AI applications for Android and IOS. All the more, British chip configuration firm ARM with Project Trillium is soon intending to make AI empowered SIM cards for cell phones that will permit cell phone gadgets to run machine learning calculations notwithstanding when they are disconnected.

Summing Up

AI has been growing exponentially as people have been investing significantly into it the last couple of years. As per specialists, the market value of AI is expected to cross $38billion by 2025.

Each business endeavors to snare and hold the clients and he or she look for every possibility to get this going in a short and long run. Having a site used to be a need for some time back yet, it is quintessential to have a mobile app nowadays. Individuals usually love influencing utilization of voice-based devices like Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Echo and other such AI-based applications that help control their day-by-day exercises without much effort.

All these and numerous more AI applications have been developed with the idea-“Hear me out carefully, Do what I say and give me what I requested”. Have questions, ask our experts.

Guest Author: Roshik is the co-founder of Mindster, one of the leading app development company in India. His visionary initiative and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with an inclined focus on entrepreneurship and business.

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