How To Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level in 2017

Everyone is trying to be the queen or king of email marketing. We all want new visits, leads, and qualified contacts. If you are not doing these 7 things in 2017 you are sure to fall behind the curve.

1. List Segmentation

  • To churn more qualified leads you need to market to segmented lists. If you are still marketing to large chunks of audience members you are never going to grow quick enough to keep up with the competition.

2. Smart CTA’s

  • To simply change out a call to action after a monthly or weekly reporting meeting is just not cutting it. Your CTA’s need to be smart. They need to offer different content or actions based on someone’s history with your blog, product or website.

3. Social Events

  • Keeping up on social networks is a must in 2017. If you are not live streaming events and cross posting you won’t stay afloat. Your customers and prospects for that matter, need a way to communicate with you. Social media is that open bridge they need.

4. Action Based Triggers

  • With all these new tools and sites to keep up with no one has time. Action based triggers is another must for email marketing. When someone clicks on a certain series you need to have a campaign ready and directed just for them.

5. Email Provider Friendly

  • When crafting your emails keep in mind all the popular email provides, a text based version, and even a website friendly version. Your emails are bound to be opened in a provider who doesn’t like images or video or X, so make sure your emails look pretty even if they are just text.

6. Mobile Ready

  • Email opens on mobile grew 30% from 2010 to 2015 (source). Your email marketing team needs to be aware that people are consuming email on mobile and the actions they are likely to take are different than those on desktop.

7. Video

  • 92% of video consumers share videos with others (source). This alone is reason enough to start including video in your email marketing strategy. You need a way that allows your audience to share and be your personal advocates.

With 2017 right around the corner I think your audience would benefit to know exact what they should be including in their email marketing strategy.

Guest Author: Karen Gerberry has a passion for blogging, social media, and cats. She is the Manager of Ving Success and Marketing at She strives to connect customers with a tool that will allow them to improve the way they communicate.

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