Salesgasm is a Free Sales and Marketing Training App

Salesgasm is a free sales and marketing training app on the Play store as well as the App store.

  • Have you ever got stuck before replying to a client as you don’t know what to write in the email?
  • Do you have a long list of leads in your CRM but none of them are close to conversion?
  • Is your social media strategy working? If not, have you felt that you need someone to assist you?
  • Are you about to give a presentation on a high value deal to a client but do not know how to convince them, or what body language should you have to increase the chances of conversion?
  • Are you spending too much on your marketing and want to know the ROI on marketing?

If the points above are something you are pondering, try downloading the Salesgasm app. Salesgasm is a free app for Sales training as well as Marketing training. It features videos, articles, webinars, sales motivation videos/articles and other training material from professional trainers/training companies from across the globe. The app can be used anywhere where there is an internet connection and the user gets the access to high quality sales and marketing training on the move.


Powerful search: Salesgasm provides very quick and powerful search to assist you in finding the exact videos/articles you are looking for. The sections have been divided into categories to make navigation easy and effective.

User friendly: Simply open the app and click on the menu section. The app navigation is self-explanatory and comprehensive.

Very high quality content: The best sales and marketing trainers from across the globe have contributed to the app with articles, videos, webinars etc. They have shared practical and latest information regarding how to market and sell your product. It provides users with instant knowledge on the go.

Beautiful UI: The app has a modern and beautiful user interface so as to make education more interesting and effective.

Easy navigation: Navigation in the app is easy with a simple menu to access all sections in the app and options like making an article or video your favorite to view at a later stage.

Option of submitting your own content: A user can submit his/her own content in the app using the “Submit Content” section. If there is an article, video on sales and marketing training a user wants to share, he/she can simply submit it in the app and it goes to the moderation queue. The content is submitted within 24 hours.

Friendly support staff: The support staff is friendly and responds within 24 hours on any query that a user has. The app also has a feedback section where users can put their feedback about the app and if there are improvements required.


As the app is newly launched and even though it has been tested multiple times, it may contain minor bugs. The feedback section of the app is dedicated for this purpose wherein a user can let the Salesgasm team know about the bug/error.

The app doesn’t include many categories as it is in its initial stage. Categories will help the user to navigate within the app easily and more effectively.

Download Salesgasm App Free iOS & Android

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