Some Promising Startups In India

in India startups have played an important role in encouraging more entrepreneurs. They have become a major part of our mainstream business. Recently Nasscom disclosed that India has achieved the third place with the strong startup base worldwide. Not only this, India has surfaced as fastest growing startup country. India had more than 4200 startups in 2015, having a growth rate of 40 per cent per year. India is among 5 best startup bases in the world.
Here are few best Startups so far:

1. Capital Float

It is a digital financing platform company for SMEs. This startup company is founded by Gaurav Hinduja and Shashank Rishyasringa. This company is based at Bengaluru. Year 2016 has been the remarkable year for Capital float. The whole financial sector attracted approximately $150 million in funding. After Indian government’s new approach of digital India, the company has gained new heights from providing loan facility to SMEs, it came up with ‘Pay Later” innovation now, which will provide loans to retailers against the data of PoS. Capital float is an e-commerce finance company engaged in finance and has grown up to 8 times since 2015. It has done new tie ups with Amazon, yatra and Ola.

2. LatestOne

LatestOne is founded by Ameen Khwaja and is a pure e-commerce company dealing in technical products and various types of tech accessories like mobile phone accessories, computer and tablet accessories etc. working in different shifts, the team of LatestOne brings astounding products at very competitive prices. The company is aimed to provide best experience to its customers with the uncompromising veracity. LatestOne also provides return and exchange facility to their customers to build a good relationship with them. This company is the only e-commerce public listed company in India. All the products at LatestOne carry one year manufacturer warranty or in-house warranty.

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It is an online pharmacy startup company. Its founders are Anirudh coontoor and Faizan Aziz. This startup company offers online pharmacy facility and delivers medicines at home in a very short time. The daily transactions of this company are almost 1000 per day and have customer withholding rate of 75 per cent. The company has successfully made over 10000 customers in Bengaluru and is focused to have a positive impression on the lives of sick and old people, or general people who need medical care.

4. Urban Clap

It is an e-commerce company indulged in offering right service professionals for required activities at home and office. It’s a Gurgaon based company, founded by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan and Raghav Chandra. With the head count of 300, this company provides solution for various things like, decorating the house, fixing doorbell, all kinds of repair work, how to get healthy lifestyle solutions, event management etc. basically Urban Clap offers help for daily service needs and requirements. The main aim of urban Clap is to build highly organized service in India by using high technology and smart processes. Presently it is working in 6 cities and company has plan to start its services in 5 more cities.

With new amendments in the Startup policy, we would surely see few major startups coming up in next few years.


It is Gurgaon based company, founded by Atul Rai and Abhishek Sharma. It was started in the year 2015 with the aim to provide artificial intelligence (AI) guided solutions for e-commerce. The company provides AI- driven solutions to retailers. This company attracts users to search the desired products with the help of Images instead of words, for example if a user wants to search for some specific printed dress then, can only upload the sample picture of the search item and the related images of the product will be shown. The company has also raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Indian angel Network in June 2016. The company uses these funds to build the technology and to make its team of professionals strong.


This company is engaged in product discovery services for e-commerce companies. It is based at Bengaluru and is founded by Pavan Sunder and Prashant Kumar in the year 2011. Presently, this company is working with around 1200 e-commerce companies located in 40 countries, thus almost 80 percent of the revenue generated by the company comes from abroad. Some of the associated companies which are its clients are Lenskart, Pepper-fry, Caratlane for power search, steering directions and product reference. The company is strongly backed up by Nirvana ventures, Inventus, IDG and Indian Angel networks.


This startup company provides lifestyle tracking platform to its uses. Its founders are Tushar Vashist, Mathew Cherian and Sachin shenoy. Recently the company has crossed more than million app download score from the app store and has become the second healthcare app to reach this statistic. The company’s app helps to identify the calories in the Indian food and provides services from the experts and nutritionists. Normally, around 5 per cent of the average users who are using this app pay nearly, Rs.5500 premium yearly. It is based at Bengaluru and raised $7 million last year and as per the company CEO, it is expected to raise more funds this year. This startup was featured as the best app at Playstore.

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