How to Prepare for Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update

The Caged Monster is now Out & Live but Tamed! Good news for the internet users as Google released the Penguin 4.0 update recently. Let’s have a look what this version has in stores for you.

For anyone who has previously been penalized knows its wrath, Penguin is now a part of the Core Ranking Algorithm, now no more new updates are going to be released.

What is Penguin 4.0?

Penguin is the name used to represent the Algorithm used by Google to penalize websites violating its guidelines so as to refine and enhance its search result. It was released to separate high-quality websites from the low quality ones. This was done in order to search results more relevant and give a better experience to the users.

What’s new in this update?

With the arrival of Penguin 4.0, Google is going to make following changes:

  • Penguin 4.0 is now a part of Core Ranking Algorithm-This means that the monster will not be periodically released from its cage, now it will refresh regularly and no periodic updates will show up.
  • It is now real time-Which means that results will appear soon and recovery time will be significantly reduced for a penalized website.
  • From now on it will affect a website at all levels, meaning that pages, folders, domains and keywords can face its impact, due to which a penguin penalty on a very small level would be difficult task to detect.
  • As the Algorithm would function more granularly, so now it will function like a filter, which means it will filter out the Spammy part of the website, and not block the whole website as earlier it used to block the whole website. If a particular page of your website is penalized then it will not penalize the whole website as it will act only upon that particular section of the website.

The Pros and Cons of Penguin 4.0


  • As the algorithm is real time, so the changes will get recognized by Google at a faster rate and you can stabilize your rankings easily.
  • Outranking Spammers will be easy, as this update will penalize the websites using Black Hat Techniques and Spamming so if you are doing quality work then you will rank sooner and higher.
  • The Long Wait is Over- Earlier a Website penalized by Penguin had to wait till the next update to completely recover from the penalty, but now as the Algorithm is a part of the Core, so recovering from penalty will be a fast.
  • Earlier it used to affect the whole website, even if a particular page was Spammy, but from now on it will affect a only that particular page or section of a website.


  • Now each and Every mover requires double care, as the Algorithm is real time and it can quickly detect the bad/spam work done on a particular website.
  • Making low quality links in huge numbers earlier used to give benefits, but now as Google is focusing on the resource of the link, this means that quality is the priority.
  • Regularly auditing Backlinks and making changes in SEO strategy will be required as unnatural links can do a lot of harm.

How to know if your Website is at a risk?

If the Google Crawler is regularly visiting your website then it is a clear indication that you can be at a risk.

While nobody knows that if Penguin has fully rolled out or now, till then you can save your website by thoroughly checking the following points:

  • Backlinks-Check if they are natural or unnatural, or coming from a low quality source.
  • If your website has suddenly vanished from Search Engine or your ranking is going low, or fluctuating.
  • If Web Pages of your website are not being indexed, even if you are getting them cached.

How to recover?

If you are affected or have sensed that you can be affected after having a look at the above mentioned points then you do not need to panic as make the following changes:

  • Delete or use Disavow tool to remove harmful Backlinks
  • Remove the irrelevant Keywords from your website, and check Keyword Density for being repetitive.
  • Focus on Quality, Use White Hat Techniques and create genuine Backlinks.


This update is beneficial for all doing quality work using White Hat Techniques and strictly following rules as their work will get recognized and their website would rank soon while the spammers will have to face a hard time. If you want to know how to rank high and want to learn Search Engine techniques then you can get SEO Industrial Training from us.

Guest Author: Nirwair Deol is a Delhi based Blogger and co-founder of Indi IT Academy. His website provides premium Industrial Training services having experienced Professional Team for PHP, Web Designing and SEO. Many of our students have been placed with Top Companies and are receiving High Packages. He himself is a Web Designer and has delivered many websites.

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