All You Need To Know About Google Glass

Google Glass is voice controlled and wearable display which consists of eyeglasses and displays information through user’s field of vision. The Google glass is a gadget which works on Android operating system and can run apps which are called as glassware that is already optimized for that device. These glasses resemble the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity along with the camera for taking pics and videos.

Google glasses are developed by Google X, which is Google’s futuristic lab as the name project glass in the year 2012 and made it available for testers and developers in early 2013. These glasses are capable of providing you the reality experience by the means of video, audio, and other relevant information. These glasses can be operated through the touchscreens or via voice commands.

Features and Advantages:

Powerful Hardware

Google Glass resembles with Wi-Fi, GPS, Camera and Bluetooth, microphone, gyroscope, and touch pads. You can access the internet, and Google Now features as information about news, cricket and airplane timings etc. just on your fingertips.

Voice Command

Google glass is featured with voice input features which make it more credible. It consists of a built-in microphone with Google Now feature that connects your device directly to the google.

You can activate the voice command just by saying “Okay Glass” and then ask your question. You can do the same also jus by tilting your head up.

OS Compatibility:

Google glasses has extraordinary features that it does not need any specific OS smartphones to connect with. That simply means it does not work with only Android Operating service but also compatible with iPhones. Along with these features, there is a GPS chip inside the Google Glass which works with the help of WI-FI or the mobile connectivity to explore the features.

While connecting it to your smartphone you can access the total notifications of social networks and other messenger’s notifications like from hangouts, WhatsApp etc.

True Locations

As we have previously described that the Google glasses are loaded with built-in GPS chip, you can navigate throughout the world with the help of Google Maps. SO basically you will not need to look your smartphone each time when you opt for navigation. It can be very handy at the time when you are driving and walking through the crowded streets or moving on any unknown area throughout the world.

This can be extremely useful for the travelers, and other pilgrimages who visit for any unknown places and they will not need to stop and check their smartphones for the directions and navigations.

Google glass can be very helpful for you if you want to live in the moment. You can capture any of the stills and moments just by saying “take a photo”. And you have not to stop what you are doing, the pic will be captured automatically and same will be for the process of videos.

Along with these features, you can use Google hangouts for Group conference and use a webcam chat with your data connection either from Wi-Fi or from a smartphone.

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