Must Have iPhone Apps For Freelancers

Being a freelancer means you are your own boss and you are in charge of everything: from finding the clients, general communication to project execution and invoicing. In other words, you are juggling between many different tasks on a daily basis.

This can be very stressful, especially if you aren’t a one-man show and multitasking isn’t your biggest strength. However, there’s something you can do about it.

Given that it’s so exhausting doing everything by yourself, maybe it’s time to look for a help or a way to facilitate some parts of your daily work. Obviously, you can’t hire anybody, but there are some tools that can give you a hand.

In this case, the right tools are the mobile apps since freelancers are mainly flexible when it comes to their workplace. Nowadays, the Internet is full of apps that can make life easier and bring some value to freelancers and solo entrepreneurs.

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Considering your time as a freelancer is the most valuable asset you have, when you decide to devote some time to find the right apps and possibly invest some money into them, you expect them to meet your expectations. Therefore, here are some useful apps that will make your freelance life easier and will make you work smarter and not harder.

First of all, a good organization is the key. So, plan your tasks in advance and break them into smaller chunks. In that way, you won’t be overwhelmed with your to-dos and you’ll be more efficient in their execution. One way to do it is to make lists and for that you’ll need Google Keep. This productivity app allows you to create notes for each project and mark them with different colors. Also, it’s possible to add images or audio memo to your notes. In a nutshell, all your duties and to-dos will be in one place, neatly organized and you’ll bring order in your freelance chaos.

If you are working with many clients at the same time, you are familiar with common misunderstandings, late replies or misplaced documents in your communication. It can be so frustrating and time-consuming. Actually, you just need a right communication channel that has it all. Slack enables you to organize your conversations by topic, projects or anything else that matters to your work. Likewise, it’s possible to share documents and collaborate directly with the right people in your network. The best part is that you can easily search your base and quickly find what are you looking for.

Another integral part of freelance work are legal contracts between freelancer and the employer. Usually, it is a piece of cake activity, but the things get complicated when working in online word. Documents aren’t hard copies, but in electronic form and therefore difficult to manage. However, that’s not the case with a right app. Forms lets you create agreements and sign them without the hitch. Just choose a contract template or upload your own, electronically sign it on your mobile device and sent it to another party. A piece of cake, right?

Likewise, there is one more app that can help you manage your documents on the go. Given that the documents are usually in PDF file format, they can’t be easily manipulated. However, it’s doable if you change the file format and PDF to Word Converter can give you a hand. Practically, it allows you to convert PDFs into editable MS Word document. This will save your time when you need to make some changes on your documents. Instead of rewriting everything by hand, you can modify it directly. In this way, you’ll quickly handle your documents and have more time for other tasks and activities.

Last but not the least, Freedom app. Today, there are plenty of distractions: emails, social media, messaging apps and so on. Who can stay focused on work?! Luckily, you can make them go away. Just create a blocklist with sites and apps you wish to clock and schedule your block sessions. Also, you can use Locked Mode to avoid cheating. Not only will you get rid of distractions, but you’ll form a good habit.

Whether you are a programmer, designer, writer, college student or any other professional, there is an app out there for you. Check out the apps above and get started today! Freelancing has never been easier and with new apps constantly emerging, you could truly become successful in your field.

Tools and apps can help relieve you from the stress of freelancing, but they will only take you so far. Your skills, work ethic, and determination will always be your most important assets and without them, these apps are pretty much useless.

Guest Author: Sandra Rodgers run the Cometdocs blog and post on it weekly. I love yoga, travel, photography, cooking foreign cuisine traditional meals and I’m a major tech enthusiast. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

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