Mockup proves iPhone 7 would be beautiful in blue

Apple might add a new color to the iPhone lineup and this year it won’t be a new shade of gold.

Recent rumors have claimed that the iPhone 7 will come in a “Deep Blue” color option when it launches this fall, which sounds kind of strange, until you look at the beautiful mockups created by Martin Hajek.

Even though the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to feature any major design changes, we will gladly fork over the cash for an upgrade if it looks this good:

iPhone 7 - 1

The iPhone 7 is expected to come in two sizes with the larger of the two possibly being dubbed the “iPhone 7 Pro.” The bigger iPhone 7 may come with a dual-lens camera for better low-light performance, zooming and 3D imaging.

iPhone 7 - 2

Other iPhone 7 improvements could include a slightly tweaked rear casing with no headphone jack and fewer antenna lines on the back. Apple may also add a Smart Connector to the back and a new type of home button.

What do you think of the blue? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments.


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