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Know Your Target Audience: Market Your Mobile Apps

We all are aware of the fact that mobile app sector is going to be a mind-boggling industry in the upcoming years. But before developing a mobile app for your business, you have to do a thorough and proper research on your targeted users. However, do give key importance to research work as this is the key to draw more users to your app.

A recent study revealed that around 14% of the new startups fail to get any attention from the user because of poor research and marketing strategies. The main reason is that they didn’t properly treat their target audience.

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When considering the stiff competition you have to face the current market trends, there is no room for errors to happen. Once the user agitates to use your application due to its working nature or design, he would rarely return back again. Why give others a chance to point at you. You may have an incredible app idea and you can even imagine that could improve the customer base of the total users, yet let the audience choose if that idea is extremely unique or not.

With the help of a research, you could get the pulse of the audience. In this way, first, you need to take some time and decide on your potential users. Actually, it will likewise save a bit of your time, investment and developing the application would rather be simple.

How Does Identifying your Audiences can be Helpful

If you could characterize your target audience before developing an application, it could prove exceptionally advantageous.

  • It increases the odds of making your app more successful.
  • Likewise, it will enable you to include the app features and functionality depending on the needs, taste, and inclinations of your audience.
  • It enables you to conduct an effective marketing strategy.

The Primary Steps of Performing Research on Target Users

Now the majority of people are utilizing smartphones and different gadgets, the consumers are searching something unique and exclusive in applications.

The General Understanding

In here, you become acquainted with the main nerve of your crowd and you really gain knowledge on the condition of the market. For example, if it is an on-demand grocery app, then the probable target audience for your app would be people belonging to various age groups.

Since online grocery shopping to a great extent, is connected with homemakers, your main focus will be on females living in the nearby location.

Secondary Market Research

In the Secondary Market Research, you need to run with a more extensive prospective and approach because it is a deep investigation. You should not neglect to keep your eyes in place on the competition and give special consideration to individuals who might utilize the application more than others.

Making your Marketing Strategies More Efficient

If you search on the internet, you would encounter various offshore and local marketing agencies who will offer their service to the customer. All you have to do is to contact the agency, clarify what sort of application you have and pay their charges.

The huge corporate houses can bear the cost however for new startups and small venture, it could be an expensive affair.

Why Not Adopt the Affordable Method

All things considered, the best choice is to go with the market research strategies that won’t squeeze your budget. Speaking in detail, there are various ethical websites and online data access, which could turn out to be more than helpful.

The Google AdWords will help you in getting acquainted with who are presently online and what are they browsing. For example, if you come to know that they are particularly looking for a specific item, you can include that into respective category.

Understanding the Behavior, Demography and Audience Lifestyle

Indeed, you need to set the best output from your endeavors through research then you need to comprehend the demographics, lifestyle, and behavior of your audience. It is vital to identify their age, gender, culture, and location.

Conducting Surveys

In surveys, you directly go to your target audience and know their preferences. However, there are many methods by which you can conduct a survey.

  • The first is consolidating homepage with Facebook ads. With this strategy, you create different pages for various kinds of the target audience and connect them to the website landing page, which consists the subtle details of your items and services.
  • The second is the blend of interactive survey and prototype where an intuitive application model is made to draw the traffic and perform a survey about the preferences of the users.

Some Other Marketing Strategies to Follow

Furthermore, you can likewise follow some other compelling marketing strategies to examine your target audience for an app. These include:

  • You need to get associated with the audience and hear all the more obvious what your audience wants.
  • You can take the assistance of social media platforms and bloggers where you can market your application idea just to know whether audience also feels the similar way as you do.

Conducting Research on Competitor’s App

Indeed, you likewise need to conduct a research on the competitor app other than making sense of the taste and inclinations of your potential users. The initial step is obviously finding and investigating who are your genuine and solid competitors.

For example, when a taxi dispatch software is considered, you need to contend with Ola and Uber, aside from other cab service providers. The best thing to do is to study and understand the features and functionalities of Ola or Uber.

It is fundamental to experience the app reviews and ratings of the audience. Read the remarks carefully. What’s the perspective of users in regards to the application’s performance and speed? Does it crash frequently or not?


Researching and investigating the market before planning to develop an application is a good strategy if you need to survive the intense competition. It is through an extensive research result, you can establish the foundation of a powerful mobile application development that will gain popularity in the application store.

It is hard to predict what really does the audience needs as their preferences changes on regular basis. In any case, if you have done the homework in advance, you can present a much better product to the potential users.

Author Bio: Roshik is the co-founder of Mindster, one of the leading app development company in India. His visionary initiative and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with an inclined focus on entrepreneurship and business.

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