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IPhone App Development Trends in 2018

The leading tech giant Apple has earned a revenue of about more than $1.1 billion in the past year. Apple has alone reserved a revenue of $40 billion for the developers. This shows how much AppStore has grown over the period. However, with the emergence of new flagship models, app developers must be aware of the trends to stay ahead in the digital world.

In this article, we are going to reveal the top iPhone app development trends that will influence the mobile industry greatly.

The Top iPhone App Development Trends in the 2018

GPS & AR-Based Apps

The small and mid-level businesses are rapidly embracing location based mobile app development models. This is benefiting in term of offering information about products, reviews, services, price comparison, and more activities for mobile commerce services.

With the release of Pokémon Go in 2016, GPS and AR-based apps gained a massive popularity. We might see more GPS-based apps in the automation and retail industry.

This unison of GPS and AR will deliver a novel experience to users. In addition, more apps such as 3D games will witness developers exploring fresh horizons of the GPS technology. With the emergence of more location-based services, security experts are concerned about app security.

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IoT-Focused Apps

The number of IoT focused apps has increased by thirty-four percent in last year. We have witnessed an elevated revenue on the apps based on IoT. The skilled iOS app developers have started leveraging the power of IoTs. The iOS mobile app development will encompass IoT widely.

The focus area for iOS development in the coming year will revolve around the recognition of signals from the inbuilt sensors in IoT devices along with exchange of information over the WiFi.


Businesses belonging to retail industry can leverage the power of evolving BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology iBeacon. This technology can improve the shopping experience. It is accurate than the GPS and can operate inside buildings.

iBeacon can also spread targeted marketing messages among the possible customers when they roam around coffee shops, banner ads, and other places. This technology aims to transform the way businesses address to the customers.

iBeacon’s application isn’t limited to retail only, and can be utilized in the public places such as museums, airport, restaurants, parks, educational institutes and more locations. Beacons are becoming rapidly popular as the leading marketing tools and apps powered by iBeacon will soon become mainstream.


Swift stands as the popular programming language among the iOS developers. The programming language is popular for offering a broad range of frameworks. Swift works on latest compiler, enabling the programmers to write quality codes through using Xcode tools.

The Objective-C had once gained widespread popularity that is now bypassed by the Swift. A large number of users have adapted Swift. Swift has many advantages over the Objective-C such as navigable learning curve and hassle-free usage.

In the upcoming days, we will witness widespread adaption of Swift 4.0 in developing apps for iPhone, iWatch, and more iOS devices. Swift will soon emerge as the key tool for building iOS apps, taking over the Objective-C.

App Security

iOS has become mainstream mobile operating system due to strong privacy and security features. With the passing days, mobile security has developed largely, giving way to security concerns.

The leading tech giant Apple has taken a step to build ATS (App Transport Security) that will be made mandatory for all the iOS apps. In addition, we will witness great innovations and secure data encryption technology in the upcoming days. iOS developers around the world are putting in efforts to improve security aspects in iOS devices.

iOS Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps have freshly come into the limelight. These apps rely on two factors – customer interaction and management of data. iOS developers located around the world are utilizing the opportunities to build enterprise apps.

The enterprise apps are being built on CRM, encompassing the best agile development methodologies. In the upcoming days, we will witness the blend of big data, Internet of Things, and enterprise mobile applications.

Though the number game is won by Android, but iOS has always won the revenue race. Revenue serves as the major incentive for iOS app development.

The Apple Pay

Digital payments are taking over the worldwide commerce by storm. In addition, Apple Inc. has released the exclusive wallet application “Apple Pay”. The users can utilize Apple Pay to purchase various apps, food, clothing, currency transfer, tickets, and much more. Apple Pay has revived the way users had paid on internet. In the upcoming days, iOS apps will follow a no-cash policy.

Final Words
Technology is transforming rapidly and we need to keep up with tech trends. Apple Inc. has much to offer to iOS developers in the coming years. iOS developers need to stay updated with development trends.

Guest Author: Gerry Wilson is a senior app developer working for, an iPhone app development company for 10 years. He transform complex ideas into innovative approaches for app development. His user-friendly visuals are based on the creative approaches that improve the digital marketing campaigns for brand awareness.

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