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iOS App Development – Changing Trends That You Should Consider

Smartphones are the topmost items to use at present. With the onset of digitalization and the grasping of the modern technologies, smartphones have become the part and parcel of our daily lives. Since this device is in such a high demand, it is absolutely certain that there will be competitors in this field and, thus, one such great and perhaps the best competitor of all is the iPhone by Apple.

Apple develops mobile devices, namely the iPhones, which are bought by customers all over the world. Therefore, just a hardware device is insufficient to bring a smile on the faces of the users. Rather, a compatible application software is required that would run efficiently on an iOS device. Thus, iOS App Development is the key to the new and flourishing eCommerce at present not only throughout the world but also among the app agencies in London.
The iOS apps are some of the most popular apps in the world, the development of which gives credit to the following advancements and advantages.

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Swift Coding

Previously, Application software for iPhones had to be coded using Objective-C. Though this form of coding was quite popular among the developers once, Objective-C did not present a strong framework especially while working and building using X-tools. Because of this problem, Swift Coding had to be developed and launched on the market in 2015. This development brought about a huge revolution among the iOS app developers because the applications could be developed much easily henceforth. Moreover, a great variety of apps too could be developed and launched in the market that proved to be profitable for the developers and beneficial for the users as well.


Location Tracking: iBeacon is one of the most reliable tracking systems in the world. This digital tracking scheme detects a device easily and specializes in geo-tagging. However, it must be claimed that a good amount of the battery is wasted on this property because of which further developments go under process.

Security System

As mobile apps are the best mode of entertainment, communication, and others, most of the users are downloading the apps without proper verification of the security level of the apps. Thus, it is the responsibility of the developers to make sure that the apps that they are launching and further promoting must meet the security levels so that the users can install them on their devices fearlessly and the apps as well gain business thereof. Thus, maintaining the security level has become a primary concern for all the iOS app developers at present.

Wearables and IoT Compatibility

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Embedded Systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is a dire necessity for the iOS app developers to keep on updating their applications in such a way that those apps are compatible with these upgraded electronic gadgets like smart watches. Thus, the establishment of this synchronization is one of the most challenging but enjoyable trends that is visible among the iOS app developers.

Free Apps

As the story dates back to, once upon a time, iPhones were used only by those people who could afford to pay for or enjoy paying for every installation of an app. Thus, ignoring the jovial note, almost all the iOS apps had to be purchased. However, this feature was not satisfactorily accepted by the customers and, hence, the iOS app developers brought about the launching of free apps that gained popularity in no time. Today, there are many free iOS apps that are available and are widely used by the people.

The Integration with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the leading trend in today’s world. This technology is not constricted to the field of communication and computation only. In fact, the cloud technology is a leading trend as per the ongoing developments in the segment of iOS applications. The integration of this technology has proved to be of utmost benefit. This has led to the decrease in the size of the mobile applications, thereby leaving more breathing space on the device. Moreover, with the help of cloud technology, apps, important data backups and any other information can be efficiently surveyed from anywhere and everywhere. Thus, the iOS app developers are working day and night to make sure that the apps that they are updating or launching in the market are friendly and in adherence with the latest cloud technology.

Mobile Commerce

It does not matter how hard you work, if you do not earn enough, at the end of the day, your effort seems wasted. Similarly, it does not matter how much you update the applications to be run on the iOS, you can earn quite satisfactorily if you introduce mobile commerce. Mobile commerce or mCommerce is the latest trend in today’s market. With the help of this concept, you can introduce secure methods of monetary transactions all over the world. Moreover, this is a field that almost every growing business requires at present because business and commerce are succeeding in terms of digitalization again.

Analytics and Feedback

Analytics is definitely an essential feature in the field of iOS app development. This enables the developers to understand the advancement or the success of the competitors. Also, the feedback acquired enables the developers to focus on debugging the errors so that a successful app is launched after updating the same. Thus, analytics is the backbone in the modern times in the niche of iOS app development.

Thus, it can be perceived that the development of the iOS apps is an engaging trend that is being pursued by developers from all over the world. This is a leading business that is bringing about a revolution in the field of application software developments. In fact, of all the computational processes taking place throughout the globe, the iOS app development is on the key spree especially among the app agencies in London who are also toiling hard to be the best coders and developers and outshine the other competitors in the world.

Guest Author: Mohammad, He is a head of content marketing department at ThisIsGlance, leading brand to Hire app developers.

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