Instagram has Stories that Brands, Influencers and Users cannot ignore

Steve Jobs once said: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” Truer words have never been spoken… (since that phrase was supposedly stolen from Pablo Picasso).

In today’s world of digital artists, everyone is trying to create the next big app – and let’s just say, some artists copy, others are taking the later approach to excellence. Sound like a familiar story on a recent very popular social media application… *cough Instagram?

Before we get into that, you can ask anyone with a smartphone if they’ve got the next big app idea and they are sure to rifle off a few thoughts that mainly have to do with delivery services or a teleportation device so they can avoid meetings. Although many of these ideas have been done to death (much more have been proven impossible) there is no doubt that innovation is also key when creating an app.

One innovative app that has blown away any doubters and leaves parents still very puzzled is the social media monster that is Snapchat. So, what makes Snapchat so appealing? To put it simply, the app is fun and you do not have to deal with the rapid over posting that is plaguing your other social media channels.

The key to this is the Stories feature that allows users to upload pictures and videos that will be live for 24 hours and then vanish into thin cyberspace air. Users can decide whether or not they really want to view a three-minute story of disjointed ten second video clips of a loud, blurry concert. It is incredibly innovative.

The idea was quickly picked up by its users and soon after was picked up by another social media behemoth.

On August 2nd, Instagram rolled out its own (nearly exact) version of Snapchat’s popular Stories service, blatantly calling it Instagram Stories. Following in the footsteps of Picasso… er Steve Jobs? You could say that. Much like great artists, great apps also steal. Instagram follows Snapchat Stories pretty much beat by beat, down to the ability to draw goofy illustrations on photos before publishing. Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO, even admitted that Snapchat deserved all the credit for the creation.


Many feel like this is a major blow for Snapchat. As of now, Snapchat reports to have about 150 million daily active users. Compare that to Instagram, which has over 500 million daily users.

Another reason why Instagram stories should probably be considered is that Instagram is much more friendly towards brands. Brands can easily see how many followers they have and now with stories they can figure out how many have seen their Stories and compare that to their Snapchat account. For example, Nike has over 60 million followers on Instagram, one of their Instagram Stories got over 800,000 views in that 24-hour period. The most views Nike has ever gotten on Snapchat was little over 66,000. Snapchat also doesn’t tell users or brands how many followers they have, making results a little ambiguous.

Influencers much like brands, can easily tell how many followers viewed their Stories and because of this, some are feeling as if they need to generate twice as much content for their followers. Many are reconsidering whether or not they need of Snapchat at all for their brand identity.

But, are we really ready to count out Snapchat just yet?

Instagram does have the numbers, Snapchat on the other hand still has the fun. Filters, lenses and now a way to save photos through the app still creates a very obvious distinction between the two social media channels.
The launch of Instagram Stories hasn’t slowed down Snapchat either. Its daily users still use the app more frequently then Instagram users and teens claim it to be the most important social network for them.

What is next for Instagram?

Taking a tactic from their big brother, Facebook, the app will now feature recommended Stories on its Explore page, which they claim over 100 million users visit everyday. The Explore page offers personally catered photos and videos from users that you do not follow but may be very well interested in. Now, with the integration of Stories, Instagram hopes you will be able to find your next follow and spend more time on the app… for good and great artists alike.


The future for both social media networks is tremendously bright. Snapchat is sure to keep us on our toes with its innovative way it handles social media and Instagram is sure to keep itself on its toes to see what Snapchat is doing across the silicon fence.

The end result is that brands, influencers and users all have a chance to tell their story.

Guest Author: Kristina Petrick is a creative storyteller and content creator for Aumcore – Digital Marketing Agency, a leader in seo, enterprise web development and design. Working with an exciting team of innovative technologists and creative designers, her experience has grown across multiple industries for some of the world’s most distinguished brands and businesses.

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