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How to Create Posters and Flyers Online without Installing Software

The situations are that you’ve had one or more times of having to organize an event, a meeting, a party, a tournament or anything else. As you well know, once you have determined the place, the time and the friends and colleagues who need to participate, you need to publicize the event being organized. The thing that I think is more useful and effective to publicize the event, is the posting of posters and the distribution of flyers.

However, drawing a poster or flyer requires a chart that has all the tools to create images and text. This, of course, has a cost, alternatively, you can try to do everything at home. If you are a little creative and practical with drawing tools and text, it does not take long. If you decided to try to do everything yourself, today I recommend a free online site that creates flyers and posters for free.

In general, when we talk about free online tools, we immediately think of approximate or limited tools in the functions. Instead, what I am recommending to you is a site that will allow you to create professional and attractive graphics, even without any experience in graphics applications, and in no time.

designcap - Techsparkle

Create flyers online and posters with DesignCap

The site that I want to introduce you to creates free posters and flyers is called DesignCap.

Once you have entered the site, you will be presented with a clean interface. You are not required to register and log in. But if you want, you can make the necessary registration procedures and access your personal profile where you will find at every access all your previously saved works. So you will not lose anything of your “masterpieces”.

If you’ve never had experience with this wonderful site to create posters and flyers, it’s time to create your first project in just 5 minutes. Follow the following steps to start creating your first simple project with DesignCap.

Enter the official site of DesignCap and click on “Make a Free Poster/Flyer” button to start.

From the page that appears, choose one of the samples that fit your purpose. There are hundreds of templates to choose from.

designcap 1- Techsparkle

Now you can start to customize your project as you wish. You can adapt the template of your choice to your needs. To do this, you can use the many options and items offered by the service.

Choose an image you like from your computer or DesignCap’s gallery on the left-hand bar. Then you can edit the image with intuitive and straightforward procedures. Change the size, position, rotation, and effect to your liking.

The text is editable. You can change fonts, move the text wherever you want.

designcap 2 - Techsparkle

Background: Obviously, by clicking on this item, you can choose the background of your project, inserting solid colors or gradients.

Once the changes have been completed, now it is the time to save the work. Click on “Save” button in the upper bar and you can save the flyer in jpg, or png format. Or share it on social networks with other people by clicking on “Share” button.

The presentation of this fantastic site that offers a service to create flyers and posters of great quality is finished. I hope I have been clear enough, however in case of doubts, requests or suggestions, do not hesitate to comment!

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