How Google Chooses Search Results to Show You

How Google chooses search results to show you? Here is the process which Google generally follows.

Google fetch data from diverse resources, including:

  • Web pages,
  • User-submitted content such as Google My Business and Maps user submissions,
  • Book scrutinizing,
  • Public databases on the web etc.

Before showing results to user Google algorithm follow several necessary steps:


The very first step is discovering precisely what pages live on the internet. There is not a center of all pages, Google determines new WebPages on a continuous basis and adds them to its record of recognized WebPages. So this process of Google is called a Crawling.

Many WebPages are identified since Google has crawled them earlier. Other pages are found when Google follows a link from a designated page to some new page. Still, other pages are seen if a website holder submits a listing of WebPages (called a sitemap) for Google to crawl that. If you are using a restricted web server, like Wix or Blogger, then they may inform Google to crawl any new or updated pages that you produce.

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Note – Google does not accept payment to crawl a website more often, or position it higher. If anybody says you differently, they are lying.

How does Google find a page?

Google utilize different ways to find a page, including:

  • Following links from other websites or WebPages
  • Analysis of sitemaps

How does Google know which pages not to crawl?

  • Pages banned in robots.txt will not be crawled, but nevertheless may be indexed if connected to by another webpage.
  • Google cannot crawl any WebPages that are not available for an anonymous user. Therefore, any login or alternative authorization protection will stop a page from being crawled.


Googlebot processes every page of the website as it crawls to gather an enormous directory of all the words it observes and their position on each webpage. Besides, it process data incorporated in key content tags and attributes, like <title> tags and alt attributes. Googlebot can index as much as it can, but not all, content kinds. For example, it cannot crawl the content of several rich media files such as image, JavaScript, flash, iframe, etc.

Be aware that Google does not crawl WebPages if that is using a noindex directive (heading or label). But it needs to have the ability to observe the directive; when the webpage his blocked by a robots.txt document, a login webpage, or any other device, it’s feasible that the webpage may be indexed even if Google didn’t see it!


Serving Results

When a person entered a query on SERP, Google attempts to obtain the most essential answer from its directory based on several elements. Google tries to ascertain the most excellent quality replies, and factor in other deliberation that will offer the best user experience and most suitable response, by thinking about things like the consumer’s location, language, and device (desktop or mobile ). By way of instance, searching for “bicycle repair shops” would reveal diverse responses to some person in Paris than it would to some person in Hong Kong. Google does not accept payment to rank pages higher, and ranking is performed programmatically.

There are more than thousands of engineers and scientists are working hard for refining Google’s algorithms and creating effective new styles to search. You can discover several Search innovations in Google updates.

There are many forms in which Google shows the result:


Answers from the Knowledge Graph


Answers from the Knowledge Graph

Directions and Traffic

Directions and traffic

Directions Answers

Direct answers

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets

Rich List

Rich lists

Answers before you have to ask


Answers before you have to ask


How you can improve your webpage serving and ranking:

  • Make your page to load fast, and cell phone-friendly.
  • Implement helpful content on your webpage and update it from time to time.
  • Follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines, which assist a superior customer experience.


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