How Custom CRM Help Businesses To Achieve Automation Goals

Automation and mobility are the new buzzword that has been making rounds in the enterprise segment for some time now. Customization of customer relationship management or CRM has a very large part to play in this scenario.

At the core, customization is a palatable ingredient in the large equation of using customer relationship management as an independent variable for achieving business automation. For instance, consider a large database of customer information and historic records of sales and customer services lying dormant and jumbled for a thriving business with limited technical and operational bandwidth.

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Imagine the amount of chaos and absence of clarity on potential areas that the business should work on to monetize on its customer relations without incurring extra cost on software upgrades and infrastructural change! In most cases, this would mean the end.

But with a custom CRM development, organizations would be able corroborate the direct relation between increase in sales and customer satisfaction through business automation.

To elaborate further on the impacts of customization of CRM software on business automation, written below are some of the benefits that enterprises should keep in mind while investing on custom CRM development services:

Track and Record Customer Interactions: Past interactions and engagements with customers help organizations with a gamut of insights about the customers’ attitude, expectations, buying behaviors and persona. Custom-built CRM development services would aid businesses to add features and options to track leads and record interactions with customers on multimedia to collate and easily unravel relevant insights.

Integrate CRM with Other Core Business Functions: Customization is a smart way to broaden the scope of CRM to other business functions like sales, marketing, promotions, branding, etc. Integration allows CRM software to view the full spectrum of activities across the sales and marketing funnel to identify oversights and potential areas of improvements. This in turn expedites sales and revenue generation.

Automation of Customer Support Services: Custom CRM development includes automation of tasks for handling customer services to enhance customer experience by replacing manual-driven support operations with bots, live chat options, FAQs, automated response systems for conflict resolution and support. This results in reduction of operational overheads that are involved in training and hiring customer services executives and infrastructural investments.

As per recent statistical data, about 87 percent of the businesses around the world use cloud-based CRM solutions and with customization option, the adoption rates are less likely to slow down.

Guest Author: Jayaram Bhat is a CEO of Smart Sight Innovations and love to share his experience on mobile apps, custom CRM & entrepreneurship.

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