How Can You AMP Up Your IPL Experience With Dream11?

We love playing cricket, don’t we? With a fan base that has more number of people than many existing countries, we can officially say that our love for cricket is unmatchable. Though this applies to every format of cricket, but with IPL, the love is almost a thousand times more since the teams are made on the names of the cities like Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capitals and more. Every cricket lover would want his city to shine and win the IPL cup.

It is this love that has made companies racing to develop apps and games to give IPL fans, an amazing experience. But after a point, creating highly engaging games, adding their favourite players were not enough to satisfy the quench of these IPL fans. This led to the inception of fantasy IPL games, that became a fan favourite in no time. Basically, fantasy IPL games are platforms where you can create your IPL team using your in-game points and play fantasy cricket games alongside the real IPL matches, be it Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings or the Kolkata Knight Riders team.

Though we were not convinced with the whole idea of creating your own league and playing the game. That was until we tried it ourselves and we can safely say that we are a happy convert now. With the 2019 IPL season around the corner, this is the perfect time for you to join the best fantasy IPL platform, Dream11.

So, here are the reasons you need to play fantasy cricket at Dream11 right away.

The Community: The best part about 2019 is that we do not need to be physically present to play games with other people, all thanks to the internet. The more the number of people are, the better the gaming experience it becomes. Give people a game that is actually worth playing, and they will support you forever, and Dream11 is the perfect example of this. With more than five crore users, Dream11 has been growing with each day. With IPL also coming into the picture, I can have a better experience of watching my favourite team Kolkata Knight Riders play. On the platform, you also get to meet millions of sports enthusiasts who would help you hone your skill sets with healthy yet competitive games.

Strategies: Never knew that making team strategies would be this fun. The sport of fantasy cricket is all about making strategies. To participate in a match, you need to create your own team, which itself requires a lot of strategies.For eg., while making a Kolkata Knight Riders Team, you can carefully plan which all-rounder or wicket-keeper would be suitable as per your budget. You need to carefully use your points to select the team members who shall give you optimal results during IPL fantasy matches. You need to look at the player’s performance and statistically decide whether or not they should be added in your team. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but the process is super exciting.

Money Factor: Can anything get better than making money while playing the game you like? Dream11 is one such game. Apart from creating strategies to make your ideal fantasy IPL team win, the game also lets you make money from the process through many cash and mega contests. Suppose you pick Dinesh Karthik from the Kolkata Knight Riders Team and he plays well, then you have a chance of winning more points. Thanks to which, just like any thriller movie, the game will keep you hooked on the edge of your seat.

Unlike the other games that we have on the internet which gets monotonous after some time, Dream11 actually get more appealing with every game. So, if you are in love with cricket and would love to take your IPL experience to the next level, then you should definitely check out Dream11.

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