How Businesses Are Leveraging AI To Create Smarter Email Journeys For Customers?

With what Google calls it the biggest upgrade for its globally popular email service ‘Gmail’, the grass definitely looks a lot green for businesses when it comes to email marketing. Yes, the new upgrade aims to make the service more secure, user-friendly and clever with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. This certainly puts email marketing in for a huge transformation.

Yes, clever AI automation infers more space for personalization with regard to email marketing. As a matter of fact, AI technology is helping to bridge the void spaces between traditional and online shopping by offering more room for personalization. Simply put, artificial intelligence opens the doors for personalized email marketing, which eventually leads to more conversions and improved brand loyalty.

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Since an increasing number of marketing experts are yearning for improved and savvier ways besides a CRM system to incorporate the prowess of AI in their email marketing campaigns, the question here is: can AI or artificial intelligence really help create smarter email journeys for your customers? Read on to find out:

So without further ado, here’s how artificial intelligence can help create smarter email journeys:

Uplifts Customer Engagement

Though CRM solutions have been a staple for marketing personnel across the world when it comes to managing customer data, integrating AI with an advanced CRM software will help marketing experts and businesses become smarter and predictive about their customers and prospects. For example, it can help you include personalized suggestions for services or products in a mail, which is an excellent way to boost your email click-through rates whilst improving customer engagement and eventually, conversions. Further, it is next to impossible to handpick services or products that would be of interest to each customer. Here, AI-based algorithms can be put to use for analyzing a huge amount of customer information like browsing activities, past behavior and purchase history to predict and come up with personalized recommendations for each of your customers. Long story cut short, AI would play a huge role to create targeted email marketing campaigns.

Improves Click-Through Rates

A sound digital marketer knows the three seconds of the golden rule: it takes hardly three seconds for a mail to grab the attention of the reader. Thus, email marketers certainly cannot afford to risk this odd by sending the right email with the apt message to the right customer, but at an inappropriate time. Shooting a comprehensive mail to all customers simultaneously is like beating about the bush and expecting that it will hit.

AI-powered CRM systems backed by machine-learning algorithms can help you send out the right email with the right message at the aptest time when the reader is likely to click it open thereby, driving your click-through rates. The system achieves this by studying the historical behavior of customers. For example, you might not receive the same email received by your colleague at the same time basis of their email or online activities. Such kind of a personalization can greatly help drive success rates for your email marketing campaign by driving click-through rates eventually, improving conversion rates and revenue.

Spruces UP Your Email Content

Content unavoidably is the core of any email marketing campaign, which can greatly benefit from automation. This could be imaged to the body or subject line. Marketers often resort to the old-school way by relying on trying on various permutations and combinations to find out what works great, but unfortunately, such a practice is likely to incur unintentional errors or biases and is tedious as well. This is where an AI-powered CRM system can help.

Artificial intelligence not only helps learn quickly about the various combinations that may work but will also save you lot of efforts and time that email marketers spend on A/B testing. Above all, it helps to pick the most appropriate combination.

Though AI may come as a scary concept for some and exciting for some, it is imperative for email marketing experts to stride with caution. Ensure to arm yourself with the right set of tools for successfully implementing the potent of AI in your email marketing efforts. Lastly, yet importantly, follow industry best email marketing practices to keep your customers/readers engaged.

Guest Author: Anwar Shaikh writes about AI, enterprise technology solutions like ERP and CRM, business intelligence and analytics. A self-made writer, Anwar writes for Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd., a leading provider of cost-effective and user-friendly ERP and CRM solutions.

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