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What to Plan before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company?

Today, we can hardly find a business that does not use a mobile app with a large number of smartphone users increasing quickly. Building an app that reflects your company and brand is yet another awesome experience. Be it a small business or an enterprise, everyone among them requires a right app which is able to support their specific business needs. And of course, hiring an app developer is a must to accomplish this task. Today we are not only witnessing a huge explosion in apps but the sheer number of mobile application developers that businesses can choose from. Due to this overfull situation, it is getting much harder to filter the right person from the mist of abundances. Here we offer some crucial tips to find the best app developer that satisfy your business requirements.

Find one of the best mobile app development company to become your ideal partner. You can ask some important questions and then you will be able to hire the best Mobile app developers for your project. A list of some crucial questions are as follows:

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Search With Ease

Initially, you have to make sure that you conduct a research without any hassles. You can search for different countries, states, cities anywhere you can find the best android app developers or iOS app, developers. You may not always find offshore mobile app developers as they are not on the same network. So you can try contacting some clients who had earlier hired them. Thus it is important to follow the proper process of researching, preparing a list of selected companies, scrutinizing and then finalizing.

Check The Experience Of The Chosen Mobile App Developer

It is important to ask for the qualification of the mobile app developers but does not forget to ask them their overall experience in the industry. Check to find out if they have a proven record of crafting wonderful mobile apps within the allotted time frame.

These are the key factors to consider while looking for experience:

  • How long have they been building mobile apps for various sectors?
  • Get a blueprint of their mobile app development process and methodology.
  • Download a previously built app and try using them to find out the features and functions used in the app
  • A good mobile app developer will not have a focus on just the development process moreover eh will be passionate to explore more creative and innovative ideas for your business.
  • He must have a thorough knowledge of different development platforms including android, ios, cross platforms etc. and knowledge of various device type such as tabs, iPads etc.

Rank Quality Over Cost

As the wording goes: “ quality is not expensive, instead priceless”, all that you have to remember while hiring a mobile app developer is that if you try to save money in the beginning with the help of building low budget apps then you will have to spend days on top of it as a part of winning the competitive market. Thus do not allow the cost to affect your decision while planning to develop an app.


We usually get a feedback or suggestion for anything and everything from our family and friends be it a restaurant, a movie theater etc that we are going for the very first time. In a similar way, you should try to get the feedback from the previous clients on a particular mobile app company or developer. You can also get the reviews from Facebook or Google.


It is important to check if they have built similar apps to that of your requirements in the past. The performance can be evaluated using various mediums. Explore such similar samples, their project description, the various problems they faced and the measures they adopted to resolve them.

A Simple Interview

It will be greatly helpful if you could evaluate multiple aspects of the mobile app developers or a company. You will get to know about the experience, qualification, portfolio, feedback and many more. However, even a very detailed research can’t replace a face to face meetup. In such an interview, you can converse on these points:

Details of the current app they are developing is a must question but the query can be modified as the present app UI, API integration, existing website and learning about their homework.You must definitely go through the best of their works. This can be by asking their favorite projects, recent work samples, listen to their challenges and problems they faced during the development process. And the most importantly get to know how they overcame those intricacies.

Also, go with the question that how quickly do you implement an app or what time did it take to accomplish your previous projects? And what improvements have they made on the feedback received?

App Submission To The App Store

This is an important phase for every entrepreneur. Indeed, they built a great application, tested it, yet the time has come to take a final move. They should present a completed application to the app store. It is the app store which will give permission to sell the app over there. Your application developers must not submit the application blindly. He should review the rules and human interface before the final submission. It is a long procedure that only a talented mobile app developer can deal with. In this way, ensure you hire a developer who claims past experience to upload the app to the store.

Summing Up

Thus, you probably must have got to know the finding and hiring a mobile app developer/company is a procedure of patience and research. Thus, don’t rush instead take decisions after analyzing every important factor. Conduct great research, check the authenticity and offer consent to hiring once you are assured. Strike a balance amongst cost and quality, yet don’t compromise with low quality just for sparing a couple of bucks.

Guest Author: Roshik is the co-founder of Mindster, one of the leading app development company in India. His visionary initiative and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with an inclined focus on entrepreneurship and business.

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