How to Get The Most Out Of Social CRM Software?

Social media and the Internet has affected the consumer behavior in various ways. So, the best way a business can thrive in this new competitive climate is through social customer relationship management. Many companies believe that social CRM is the key to satisfactory customer service and better business bottom lines.

Social CRM is an emerging practice that enables a company to be more interactive with their customers and empowers effective customer engagement in social business world. A good social CRM solution provides the ability to manage social networking accounts and campaigns from within the CRM platform. It gathers all the contacts and keep the tracks of all direct or indirect conversations (on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and many more). So, whenever you wish to approach a client, you get a complete record about who the client is and what conversations has been occurred previously between the client and the company. This makes the task a lot easier, all you need to do is grow your business without much effort.

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Today’s customers are less interested in TV commercials and advertisements. They believe more in direct interaction with the company executive and make decision based on relevant conversation. During the conversation, customers expect a prompt information and an authentic response. They are pleased by regular updates and timely follow-ups.

Social CRM software enables you to attain higher quality customer engagement. It just not facilitates the sales lead to the salespersons but also allows other team members to obtain relevant information by allowing them to access comprehensive database. To get the most out of social CRM software, a company should have an effective customer engagement. To make it possible, the team members from each department like customer support, marketing, sales, service and product must participate in the conversation. While facing the customers on social networking sites, employees encounter questions like: How this customer is connected to us? What conversation has been occurred with the customer previously? What commitments has been made to the customers? What needs to be done now?

Here is how this tool provides solutions to all these questions and lets you have a fruitful outcome through customer interaction. For more tips to achieve social CRM success.

It tracks record through unique identifiers in the recipient’s address. For example, any email, Tweet, Facebook message or LinkedIn message sent by any of your team member to the client ‘A’ gets recorded in ‘A’ client’s record. So, basically any conversation occurring across any social media channels with client ‘A’ automatically gets linked to ‘A’ client’s record with the minute details like who did the conversation, when the conversation was held etc.

7 Major Social CRM Benefits:

As per individual’s cognizance, companies use social CRM tools to understand customer viewpoints and perceptions better. Its major benefits are listed below:

  1. Working hard is not entirely enough. It’s working hard, but collaborative efforts and working smart results in efficient work. Sometimes, we have a situation of receiving multiple phone calls from the same company. However, if not all the team members are aware of it and situation gets wretched up, what you will do? Hence collaborate with your sales team while contacting the lead and share information across your teammates.
  2. Social CRM allows you to understand the customer interaction in a better way and let you improve customer outreach process thereby affecting sales leads. Each company follows different performance analysis processes. If you don’t want to risk the performance, CRM system can help you monitor your sales team performance. Sales people may say they have followed all the steps. But now you will have a way to double check.
  3. It also allows you to understand the behavioral pattern based on the conversation held between the team lead and the customer. It helps to speed-up the process and qualify your lead.
  4. It also bridges the communication gaps and increases collaboration among your team members. It helps them share documents and track of sales lead records. It enables them to be on the same page when it comes to customer communication and also provide sales manager a glimpse at what’s going on.
  5. As it offers more versatile analytic options, team can predict the customer need and can develop featured products and services aiming directly to customer’s requirement.
  6. It also helps you understand your competitor business strategies by analyzing competitor’s customer response. Based on competitor’s customer conversation, you can improve your marketing tactics.
  7. Various CRM tools provides you the insights about customer’s social media activities and life-time events. It empowers you to grab the opportunity and congratulate them on their success and achievement enabling strong customer relationships.

Guest Author: Mugdhita Chaphekar is a Web Content Writer with more than 2 years of experience in writing several kinds of content. She has the passion for web and loves offering assistance and inspiration wherever possible. She works for Sage software Solutions Pvt Ltd. She has an in-depth knowledge of technology combined with content writing experience and is willing to explore new technologies.

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