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Exploring Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Proficient Mobile App Developer

The rising demand of apps in the market is driving the tech-savvy minds to penetrate deeply into mobile application development. App development companies are constantly endeavouring to build and launch a next-generation lucrative app to dominate the entire market. The rising number of new developers especially the newbies has flooded the market with featureless app. Now the question is, how to distinguish competent developer from others in this crowded marketplace? How to determine the thin line between success and failure? The solid characteristics listed below, will help any developer or a mobile development company to come up with an exquisite product in the market. If you’re hunting for an eminent developer, then you should spot for the following qualities in them.

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Hard-Core Work Experience

Development of a mobile application is a dynamic process which demands consideration of several technical and business factors. Hence it is imperative for a developer to be quickly adaptive with the ever-changing business and development trends on-going in the market. Hard Work, deep learning and extensive research is mandatory to outstand as an expert mobile application developer. The prime way to determine the technical expertise of any developer is to scrutinize their app portfolio. It is highly recommended to apt for specialized developers instead for choosing the one who believes in catering everything. Development experience in relevant field is what you should fundamentally look for.


Developers of successful apps are found to be creative both in the matter of designing and development. Something differentiating element or feature should be incorporated in your app to make it stand out from the crowd of millions. Hence, implementation of creative ideas during the development phase becomes essential. Creativity means the peculiar approach to deliver solution in altogether different way. It is perception that how your app would occupy a special place in the market to beat your competitors. As per the data from authorised sources, apps with creative designs tend to increase the user engagement and boost the ROI (Return on Investment).

Comprehending Market Requirements

It is mandatory to comprehend the trends in markets before initiating the lengthy development process. A developer should remain updated with the technological evolution and latest on-going marketing approaches. Developers should detect the lacks and gaps faced by customers to build a robust solution to eliminate those lacks and gaps. The developed app should be able to cater all the business requirements of the clients.

Tech Savvy

An app developed by a programmer with mere technical knowledge, at last leads to failure. A tech savvy developer would always find himself immersed in the pool of technical concepts and jargons. Download and install the app developed by the developer to observe the various features and functionality incorporated into it. This is one of the effective methodologies to gauge the technical knowledge of the developer.

High Level Of Integrity

Integrity level states that the relationship between the client and the developer persist. Ethics is what should be strictly followed by the developers, both in terms of development and delivery. Developing unauthorised code can lead to hacks and data thefts. Developer who falsely claims the ownership of the app without issuing a notice to the clients should not be hired. In order to avoid such issues, client should obtain the real reference apart from the portfolio and the developer should not refuse this.

Core Programming Knowledge

Hire a developer who is proficient and well-versed with more than one mobile programming language. It’s totally up to the client to suggest the programming language for the development of the application. Developers who remain stick to particular programming language are not recommendable for hiring. Programming language is the primary weapon of any developer and he/she should be proficient in coding it. The developer should possess experience on developing apps for various mobile platforms like android, iOS, blackberry and many more. Application hang is the most common issues that users usually faced during app usage. This problem can be eliminated by writing code in proper structured format. The execution of the app is totally dependent on the logical lines of the code. The hired developer should be well acquainted and knowledgeable with the usage of various compilers and interpreters for detecting errors in the code.

Final words

A good mobile developer is the one that brings out the delightful user-friendly experience to end-users through its skilled development strategies. Application development is a time consuming process and demands hefty investment. Users are usually fond of apps which are flawless and execute seamlessly on devices with varied hardware configuration. So before hiring the developer make sure all the above attributes of a good quality developer are reflected in his work portfolio.

Guest Author: Rahim Makhani is the award winner CEO and founder of Auxano Global Services – a web and mobile apps development company. He is keenly interested in writing technical blogs pertaining to android and iPhone application development. During his spare time, he loves to dive in the pool and enjoy playing golf with his friends.

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