Exit Intent Technology is the New Salesman of the Digital Age

Marketing in the digital world has changed global business in a multitude of ways. The original style of a storefront with a salesman directly interacting with the customer has become a thing of the past. Online companies such as Amazon and Shopify have replaced the big box store concept. Websites are the new storefront and the ease of walking in and out is at the touch of a button. Keeping this analogy in mind, if websites are the location, Exit Intent software is the salesman stopping you from leaving or approaching you as you’re showing signs of losing interest and offering you a better deal. This is just like what a salesperson would do when you’re at their store.

How It Works

Exit Intent (EI) is a digital technology that opens an overlay (also known as a lightbox or pop-up) in response to triggers, such as where you scroll, move your cursor or many other variables depending on the application. The facts speak for themselves, websites which implement this technology have higher degrees of customer retention, subscriptions, brand awareness and most importantly sales.

Why Exit Intent is so Effective at Retaining Customers

The lightbox pop-up interrupts the normal patterns of the visitor, causing direct involvement as it displays. The visitor needs to consciously enter a valid email address or click an affirmative button in order to remove the overlay and get a discount. This may seem like a minor action, however this interruption of browsing experience boosts sales both long-term (through subscriptions) and short-term (through upselling with the discounts).

Provide Easier Choices

Exit Intent helps direct the visitor towards fewer choices, increasing the likelihood of a sale. In the hypnotizing multitude of options throughout the vastness of the Internet, it is beneficial to help direct your visitors to simple and easy choices. Moreover, by bringing down the options, the website will take on a uniquely specified experience just for you.

Recover From Failed Marketing Attempts

Marketing campaigns cost your business a lot of resources and effort to create. They are designed to have the greatest outcome possible, targeting the most impactful features of your product or service. This would mean that certain aspects of the product were prioritized over others. With Exit Intent you’re able to reignite interest in fleeing visitors by advertising these alternate attributes, which haven’t yet been emphasized in the original marketing.

Change Up Your Approach

You may attempt to convince visitors to stay by restating a specific point in the marketing that may not have been emphasized enough or by explaining it in a different manner than it was originally. Changing your message completely means choosing a different approach to converting that visitor into a sale. If price was not a point of interest, the benefits of the product might be the selling point for that individual. An additional option is to ask them for their contact information and continuing to market to them over long-term.

Take Advantage of Previously Lost Opportunities

The best time to convert a visitor or give them a reason to be that returning individual is when they are interacting with your site. Exit Intent gives you a chance to create interactions with these previously lost connections and convert them, boosting the overall performance of your marketing campaign. This technology is the perfect method of keeping customers in a world where people can leave websites at the click of a button.

Guest Author: Exitget is a new, first of its kind start up dedicated to providing free and high quality Exit Intent services.

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