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Email Automations: Save Your Time By Automating Email Marketing

Shopping habits are changing today and so is email marketing. Customers are choosing personalized communication over massive accustomed ads. That’s a bummer, as you need to literally be everywhere to become your clients’ prior choice.

Once your email audience starts to grow, you’ll find it impossible to email every customer on your own all at once. This is when you realize you need to automate some parts of your workflow. Email automations help you reach out to certain subscribers with personalized information.

SendPulse combines exclusive functionality together with simple interface. It offers a wide range of communication options such as free web push notifications, bulk SMS and emails.

The platform also uses a trendy Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It allows to analyze subscribers’ behavior and helps to choose the best time and way to communicate with your clients. This unique technology doubles open rates, no joking here.

These features and company’s non-stop improvement placed SendPulse among 3 finalists of The Next Web SCALE program in 2016. One of the best 2016 startups is here for your use.

Try SendPulse for automating your emails.

Key Benefits Of Automated Emails:

  • timesaving. Emails are sent at programmed time to specified people. Unlike in email campaigns, you don’t need to create a new automation again and again;
  • personalization. Just a simple reminder you care about customers’ birthdays or preferences;
  • productivity. Concentrate on more important tasks while automations do their work.

Where Do You Begin?

To start a new automation, sign up to SendPulse and add the recipients to a mailing list. It’s free and easy.

Then, choose the type of automation you need:

  • automated series. Create a chain of emails when customers subscribe to your website, thank for the order, provide with useful information etc.
  • special dates. Congratulate customers on holidays or their birthdays.
  • triggered emails. Remind the recipients to visit your website and/or finish their order, inform about special offers and discounts, reactivate their account etc.

Fill in all necessary data as automation name, mailing list and your email itself. Customers are more likely to trust and open emails from a real person, so write your real name in ‘Sender’s Name’ line.

Set the days and time you want customers to receive the emails. It’s super comfortable when your audience is in different time zone. You can also send SMS to those clients who shared their mobile numbers.

When you’re done with this, you can start your workflow. Create a series of emails depending on customers’ activities (whether they open the email, click on a link or ignore your email). Choose the template or attach a specific image.

Automated emails might either catch attention or annoy your clients, so pick the time between the messages wisely.

After you have finished, click ‘Save changes’ and start the automated sendings any time later. Clicking ‘Save and launch’ will start the automation straight away.

If you are an advanced user of SendPulse, try it’s another feature Automation 360. It helps to create versatile series of emails basing on customers’ behavior on the website and any other known information.

It basically creates a unique customer-oriented automation flow which works only for your campaign. You can connect up to 50 task blocks, adjusting them to your taste and needs. Moreover, this feature lets you check out the results of your campaign at any stage.

Note, that Automation360 is available only on paid plans.

Use SendPulse to create emails which work for you and enjoy the results straight away!

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