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Deep Linking Tactics for Increasing Traffic to Your Mobile Application

In the recent time, deep linking has been one of the most talked trends in the tech industry; however, not everyone is aware of what deep linking is all about and how it can transform mobile.

Gradually, mobile is ruling the tech industry, and deep linking is gaining popularity alongside as this high-end trend promises to revolutionise UX and the way which apps allow users to view content.

However, the industry believed that leaders have begun forecasting that how deep linking can address the absence of real native page rank or how the end of the native application might be coming.

Do You Know What Deep Linking is?

When it comes to deep linking, it is a URL, which opens and directs a user to a location within an application. When any developer creates an application, he can register a URL scheme with iOS.

The best thing about the deep linking is that it allows app creators to boost user engagement and simplify the application on boarding process. Moreover, it is useful in tracking referrals and considering which campaigns are most effective and knowing best practices for making applications more useful and accessible.

Why to Use of Deep Linking?

Deep linking plays the biggest role for your mobile application as it drives user engagement. It will also direct app users to specific views within your app or other apps. No matter whether you want your user to go from a view in your app to your company’s Facebook page or any other link, deep linking has made all these things a lot easier.

You have two different options without deep linking the Facebook application. Talking about the first, you need to display a button for the user to tap on that launches Safari or UIWebView within your application. If they are not signed-in, they may also need to validate with Facebook once they reach the Facebook page.

However, the other option is to direct your users to exit your application, open the Facebook application and look out for your company’s page. Instead, what you can do is make it easy for them and allow a deep link perform all the difficult tasks. Users just need to tap on the button and directly launch Facebook to your company’s profile page.

Moreover, you can also make use of deep linking to attract many new users to your application. Rather than expecting a new and potential user to move from a browser to the application store and allow them to conduct their own search for your app, so make use of a deep link to direct them straight to any specific screen of the app.

Deferred Deep Linking

Deferred deep linking is the best aspect of mobile deep linking that defines the principle of deep linking into an application, which is not yet installed. The link will be raised with its real URL and parameters once the app is installed so that the newly installed application can handle the invocation.

Mobile app creators can set-up a deep link, which carries context all the way through the app store download. It allows you to develop a complete journey which is contextualized for the user in question.

Email to App Deep Linking

As we all know that most of the email links are sending users to the mobile web version of a website. Apart from this, deep linked emails link directly to content that is inside of a mobile application if that mobile app is installed on a user’s device.

It also delivers a wonderful end user experience as mobile apps are faster and better optimized than mobile websites. It also enables users the full-feature set of the dedicated mobile app over the limited features of a responsive mobile site.

App Indexing for Deep Links

It is a lot easier for you to index your application so that you can deep link it to any page in the app straight from a Google search. You can set-up app indexing with development resources allowed by Google’s App Indexing project.

Apart from this, you can also make use of services like so that you can have that implemented for you. After this, you will get people straight into your application from an AdWords ad or Google Search.

Deep Linked Content Sharing

Do you know that deep linking from social websites can be quite difficult? Instagram also makes it a lot difficult to do as they don’t hyperlink anything; however, the profile link.

Fortunately, there are many ways to successfully take your users straight from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your application. Accumulating deep linked profile links to app install pages considered as a great way to take advantage of social.

Guest Author: Sohel Ather is a head of marketing department at Space O technologies company, leading brand to Hire iphone app developer. Sohel is responsible for content marketing and Guest blogging for company. He enjoys exploring latest mobile app technologies and taking on new challenges.

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