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How To Create Effective Periodic Table For Successful Content Marketing?

There are some factors which one should consider while making a periodic table of content marketing. First, if one clicks on an image in the table, a larger screenshot of this should pop up. The basis of creating a table like this is to clearly down certain business facts and factorials. One needs the strategy mapped in terms of the long term aims and objectives of your business.

Use Content Distribution Platforms

It is obvious that content comes in various shapes and sizes. It is also true that one can use multiple formats for one single piece of information. At times, multiple contents are used for one particular type of classification as well. One can even fill out a periodic table in different formats. These are termed as the content distribution platforms. It is possible to be an owner of some of these. One, of course, is your website. The others are various social sites which can be your own and even those of others from your network. The aim and objective of these sites is to enhance visibility of your products or services as much as is possible.

Metrics For Simplifying The Tabling

Then come the metrics. These aid and abet you in taking stock of the measurement of the performance of your content. One can classify metrics in one category for simplifying the tabling. It is obvious that whatever content is given in your website, is for product or service enhancement. Also, it should put forth information very clearly on your business goals and objectives. The various purposes behind the content information is to generate not just traffic towards your website but also to convert the visitors into potential buyers and clients. Also, the target is to somehow manage to hike up the brand awareness. Laser guided content is ideal for these purposes.

Number The Periodic Table In A Vertical

If you share the content in your website with others, you are further increasing chances of visibility of your product and services range. It also goes without saying that all content should ideally be optimized. As per some strategists, it makes more sense to number the periodic table in a vertical rather than as per horizontal basis. Sometimes, it is possible that there is data duplication. At times this is unavoidable. Hence, this could be excused.

There are periodic table creators who do not use podcasts at times. This too, could be permitted. However, their use is allowed as well and may even be useful at times, depending on how the table is being designed. There are several methods of designing such tables. One is by using the MS-Excel. This, for some, may appear a bit low key. At times, there may be a wish to include wall charts or mouse mats and this may require a different take on the matter.

Structured And Well Laid Out Format

Nowadays, making periodic tables have become a somewhat fashionable manner of giving information at a single glance to a website visitor. Needless to say, content is what makes or breaks the number of visitors to a website. Hence, if this is given out in a structured and well laid out format, visitors are impressed, no less. This is what is most essential if you want to present data in a table form. There should be no anomalies in this and everything should be in a definitive and clear cut manner. Or else, tons of confusion will erupt in the minds of visitors.

If done properly, complicated or complex bits of information can be disseminated in a way that is easy to understand. The basic aim of tabling is this only. As such data which is laid out in a tabular form, if presented well, will clarify a lot of points about the products, the company, and a whole lot of other details to readers. Also, going through large amounts of text can be a bit boring especially for those visitors who are not readers by nature. For capturing their imagination and interest, tables are a real godsend. This type of table is also a very handy tool when it comes to planning out a content editorial calendar. It can be used as a resource basis for the company, its products and its services.

A Quick Overview Of Various Parameters

If executed well, this particular table gives a very quick overview of various parameters of a given company. In just a clear snapshot, everything that needs to be determined about the company and its entire spectrum, comes through bright and clear.

However, one can still update the traditional table. For instance, one can add in a subject line and imagery in the layout. Also, one can include a bit of personalization in sending. Additionally, one can have responsive designing in layout and even have some amount of targeting and segmentation for sending out information.

The periodic table of B2B digital marketing metrics is inclusive of many of the critical measurements which B2B marketers should ideally track and make note of. This includes search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, social metrics, website, content marketing, and budget allocations. As a matter of fact, this chart also includes conversion metrics which are defined for free trials and funnels for Saas firms.

Guest Author: Shiv Gupta Founder of Incrementors Web Solutions to help clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, and then I produce results that meets their objectives.

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