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The Concept Of Design Thinking For Enterprise Mobile Applications

By now, almost every tech-savvy professional would have recognized the influence of mobile application development, either from a user perspective or a merchant’s. While thinking of any successful app built, there is one element that we would find it difficult to believe is design thinking.

The fact says that nearly 76% of the design part is needed to create an application a true success acknowledging all the other technical domains are implemented properly.

Why is Design Thinking core to Mobile Application Development?

The best software development companies understand the value of having the UI/ UX at the lead. Producing a great mobile user experience is certainly important to application design. The idea of a mobile application is necessary but design thinking is much deeper than that. It is essential to know the empathy part of the users. Ideo, a global design agency, determines Design Thinking as a human-centered method to the discovery that forms from the designer’s toolkit to combine the requirements of people, the chances of technology and the demands for business success.

Developing a Better Mobile User Experience

Since we have understood in a point why the design thinking is necessary, the IT experts also should think about connecting the gaps between the companies and end customers with it.

One of the most beautiful parts of User Experience is that when a user thinks that the icon is live. It should explain the tale behind the darknesses. It is also how developers, programmers, or IT specialists should think while developing enterprise mobile applications.

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They should proactively work with customers to learn their requirements. Design thinking centers on this part by building deep understanding for the users and design solutions that speak their requirements.

Know your Users

User research is the main determinant of the success of your mobile application development plan for any business. For any enterprise, it is difficult to offer services in the most productive way without any understanding of user’s exact requirements. The faster you learn, the better quality you can give to your customers.

There are no already defined set of laws to obey when it comes to design thinking. User research assists to gain deep penetrations into user behaviour while improving for unique components of your product and customers. There is constantly a venture throughout user research that your design thinking shall grow suddenly, yet the purpose continues the same.

Nevertheless, this needs the flexibility to adjust the designs if needed in order to improve the chances of your application to be a favourable one.

Micro Application Design and Development for Enterprises

With the data collected by user communications, companies should work on developing Micro Apps to understand the success of one feature. For example, the Facebook messenger is nothing but a functionality of the Facebook application.

This lets the users utilize it immediately for chat design without any requirement of operating on Facebook. Micro app idea for mobile application development holds prominent importance for the enterprise mobility policies. We have to think that customers are always in a rush.

The big portions for any big application failure are application performance problems, lengthy loading times, long registration process, and complex and time-consuming highlights. Micro apps enable developers to develop highly targeted applications in a short period of time that gives simple access to the targeted customers.

By concentrating on what the customer requires, businesses can reduce application bloat, push mobile app adoption, and get higher business utility out of enterprise mobility.

Design thinking empowers enterprises to know the difficulties and find resolutions based on day-to-day activities, the pain points of the people and coming up with answers utilizing the freshest and the greatest technologies.


If discovery included set of ideas, analysis phase involves transforming these into significant penetrations.

It is limited regarding “how” but more about “what”. Interpretation includes selecting the team after the learning and engaging in storytelling depending on the penetrations.

depending on the storytelling, the team can begin to distil a few common issues and make the decisions actionable.

The fact that mobile applications can be created centered on a particular task and can then be developed later, gives itself perfectly to interpreting the selected themes and obtain the insights actionable through smaller applications.

Asking the questions such as “How may we let our users achieve their objects through a mobile application” will succeed in encouraging possibilities and a springboard for application ideas.


Having completed the identification and understood the material, the ideation process’s aim is to provide new application ideas formed from a distinct group of users. This process could last just around an hour but with a great power, express ideas without any restrictions.

The purpose throughout ideation is not to estimate of what applications are reasonable or practical. During this process, wild ideas are supported and users are prompted to create on other’s ideas.

Once the ideas are produced, the team can then collectively choose the most encouraging application ideas, that they are individually inspired about. At the end of this activity, a few assuring ideas would prevail, enabling the team to concentrate on more features in the final section of this phase.

Mobile applications are unusually still for long. Facebook publishes an update to their native mobile applications every five or six weeks. Related to other huge enterprise applications, mobile applications can be emphasized upon faster. Customers require distinct features and updates to continually show up in other consumer applications they utilize and they build related prospects of their enterprise applications.

To emerge the mobile applications, the team must be provided to track analytics from the applications, and also be prepared to recognize the customers in the wild utilizing the different functions of the applications.

Final Thoughts

By consolidating the best practices from various methods and combining in the design thinking process with agile software practices, any enterprise application team can come up with a better portfolio of applications that entertain the customers.

Guest Author: Ather, He is a tech content writer at vironIT, build mobile, game, web and cross-platform solutions help you to succeed.

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