Challenges For Developers In Enterprise Mobile App Development

As today’s majority of employees prefer to bring their own devices to work therefore it becomes necessary to ensure that enterprise mobile applications are established for people to improve the productivity and competence through the whole enterprise. And for the growth of business and improve productivity organisations are deploying high-end enterprise applications as they are experiencing a significant boost in their performance with a mobile enabled strategy.

Enterprise mobile app solutions have gained a lot of attention and it has become the need of the hour and become the essential strategy for business process and operation. By 2020, it is expected that workforce of mobile app developers is going to reach 100 million so there is no need to worry about the growth of enterprise mobility.

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Also, to deliver your services in a better way it is necessary for enterprises and large scale companies to have a mobile app. But there are some challenges in the development of enterprise mobile application as:

Security: is the major concern among enterprises and most challenging in enterprise mobile app development because the enterprise has crucial data stored on your central database which has accessed by the employees on their own devices. Enterprises can face consequences if device crashes, data leaked in the process and if the app gets hacked.

While development of enterprise mobile app, a separate programmable interface has to be coded so that back-end services can communicate with the enterprise mobile software. Moreover special concerns on various elements of back-end services which are really important to be taken care of as there should be some component depend on other components and after studying all the dependencies special coding have been done.

Authentication: is the place needs to be special take care of as it provides user credentials like login and password information. It is a quite difficult task to implement a safe and secure authentication routine and for this, it is important to integrate with the enterprise LDAP directory to make sure proper and accurate authentication.

Data Encryption: It is great option to keep all the sensitive data encrypted and stored on the mobile devices. Using a secure container this can be easily achieved and will protect the enterprise apps if devices are lost.

Server-side Validation: approach has two major benefits, first is the performance of app will not be slowed down by multifaceted validations and another one is logic will be updated on regular basis as it is on the central server. Moreover, it is quite easy to implement essential checks and validations on the server instead of the client side.

User Interface: The user interface is essential for every app whether you are developing enterprise apps for your employees or customers. When we develop enterprise apps usability of the mobile apps plays a significant role before aesthetic concerns. Now people are looking forward to using enterprise apps for connecting with the brand, getting 24*7 support, complete information about products and services. One of the best ways to do is utilizing different icons as icons are the foundation for developing highly valuable mobile UI and to add more intuitiveness to app navigation you can also use hardware buttons.

Big Data Challenge: Enterprise data has grown hugely and it is predicted that enterprises need to maintain data 50x more by 2020 that would increase the need for more big data IT experts and professionals for maintaining the growing information. There is huge difficulty with the constant increase and increase in the enterprise data as it increases the need for the cost for expanding the conventional data models for the app, database, and storage to accommodate the need of huge data. Big data brings complication as it has different types of data ranging from structured data to unstructured data. There are lots of benefits of big data to enterprises but to manage this properly it is important to adopt new technologies and tools so that they come up with creative solutions to make the best use of it.

Guest Author: Yamini is the Business growth strategists at Debut Infotech. The company specializes in developing iOS and Android apps for Enterprises and Startups.

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