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How Can The Use Of Push Notification In Mobile Apps Boost Your Business?

You might have heard of tons of strategies which are used to boost your sales in business or even to take your business to the highest apex, no one has ever thought off. Ranging from a number of tools for marketing and generating higher revenues, Push Notifications is one of the most powerful tools you can use to boost your business and in return can increase your overall sales.

Using Push Notifications for Mobile Apps, you can reach millions of customers regardless of their geographical location. Let them engage with your app and lead them to generate your revenue.

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But before we hop down to the actual topic of using the Push Notifications in Mobile Apps to boost your business, let us know what actually push notifications are.

What are Push Notifications?

Every one of you must have received a message on your phone which wasn’t a text, email or even a missed call. Yes, they come from your installed apps and as an app owner, they find a way to communicate with you using the Push Notifications.

Their work is related to an email subscription. For any user, he/she will need to “opt-in” and agree to receive the push notifications from the app itself.

Well, the good news is that the average opt-in rates for e-commerce are 46% which is quite humongous. Hence, you will be easily able to convert your users into subscribers within a quick span of time.

How Effective Are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are a powerful form of marketing tool which is used by much bigger companies including Walmart, Debenhams, ASUS, Ladbrokes etc.

Based on recent studies, Push Notifications are able to create 4 times more engagement with the apps. For instance, there are 2 main reasons which depict the whole scenario:

  • Majority of the modern day people carry their Smartphones with them all the time.
  • On Request of the Publisher is the Push Notifications received. As a result, users are not involved in the current process.

Based on a given set of detailing, Urban Airship conducted a study to find out the effect of Push notifications on retention and engagement. In the study, they decided to compare the data of users opted in and the one who didn’t for a period of around 6 months.

In the study, they found that after the download more than 30% of the customers who received push notifications continue to use the app. For a cut to cut comparison, only a handful of 20% customers who didn’t opt-in for the apps installed on their Smartphone and were still using it.

Push Notifications Are Far Better Than Email Marketing

“Yet another study and yet another great benefit of Push notification. According to a study, an open rate of 30% to 60% was there and on the other hand, the interaction rates were as high as 40% which was quite magnificent.

However, if we compare taking all the statistics, the average open rate for email is just 20% while the average click-through rate was only 5.4%”.

From the above scenario, it is seen quite clearly that the Push Notifications are two times more effective than the majority of the email campaigns.

Push Notifications In Mobile Apps Lead To More Sales And Revenue

50% of the people sign up for different push notifications just to avail the exciting and special offers. In other words, with Push Notifications, you have already converted your customers into payable customers who are bound to buy the products and the services from you.

In the recent times, Localystics did a research on such topic. In the research, it was depicted that of the total people who open the Push Notifications, 54% gets converted from segmented push where there were only 15% related to broadcast messages.

Seeing the above scenario, you as a business owner have nearly 300% more chance if you segment your messages and use analytics in the correct manner.

Know the Following things to Use Push Notifications and get the Most out of it

1. Know How Often To Post

Majority of the people who use Push Notifications get this feature wrong by a huge margin. They either post too often or don’t post at all.

Well, the posting really depends on the type of your audience and their preferences. Doing it on to several times is okay but overdoing it can have detrimental effects on your business. Also, keep in mind to post at least once in a couple of days time to balance out the equation.

It’s completely normal to send messages on Cyber Monday as well as Black Friday as this is the time when people are actually searching for different offers and deals.

2. Usage Of Local Push

The world is a lot more different as it may seem. People in the USA might sleep when the people of Europe will be awake. In such cases, you can use the Local Push. By this, you can set a time campaign through which people will receive the notification based on that specific time. This return will help an increment in open rate and conversions.

3. Geo-Targeting

By Geo-targeting, you can bring in different deals for different users all over the world. For instance, people in the USA are more likely to buy jackets. Thus, you can bring the same kind of offers through your Push Notifications.

4. Make Custom Push Sounds

By making custom push sounds, you can increase your open rates to a great extent. Different sounds can get more user attention than the normal one.

Final Thoughts

With many of the Mobile app development companies developing apps which support push notifications, the future can be all of such type of notifications and generation of sales being the final result. Push Notifications are a powerful tool in making any business leap to unbelievable height and as a result, can increase the lifetime value of your brand in the minds of customers for a long course of time. At last, you have got no option left instead of giving it a try.

Guest Author: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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