Best Marketing Tips to Make Social Media an Effective Influencer Marketing Platform

Make the social media an effective platform

There is an overwhelmingly huge avalanche of content online and voracious competition for newsfeed space on social networks. As social platforms are continually experimenting with algorithms, several brands are on an endless wild goose chase trying so hard to adapt to remain relevant for target customers. Social media algorithms are tailored to give the best and most relevant content but the constant search for user experience optimization has increasingly become an impediment to organic reach and visibility for publishers and brands alike. But how can your brand leverage the opportunity to maintain presence in users’ feeds without having to rely solely on ads?

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The best defense to these unpredictable and somewhat erratic social media algorithm updates is seizing a robust, workable influencer marketing program. Algorithms are built to favor strong relationships, quality content and high engagement, all areas on which influencers can deliver. Influencers are specialists in developing engaged audiences and are better aware of the type of content they have to produce in order to elicit a response from followers. The following area few tips that can make your social media networks effective influencer marketing platforms that generate favorable signals of value and relevance to outsmart even the algorithms:

Sharing Influencer Content on Social Media Networks

User-generated content does not just lift engagement, it also strengthens consumer trust. A good number of users is better influenced by visual content than they are by brand videos or photos, which drives engagement better than brand-generated content. You can collaborate with influencers and negotiate with them not just to post your content on their own channels but to give you consent to publish or post their content in your social media accounts as well. An alternative approach would be creating exclusive influencer content for your channels. This can help draw attention from influencers’ followers to your accounts.

Creating an Influencer Pod

You can create invite-only groups for between 10 and 15 influencers in your brand’s industry with the aim of getting them to engage with the content you create authentically as soon as it’s published. It might help a great deal to encourage them to write honest comments, like or share the post. In just a year, Instagram pods have immensely become popular allowing users dip in engagement following the platform’s move to tweaked its algorithm as a social network back in 2016. Similar engagement-boosting groups, however, were already in existence on Facebook. Many may view pods as a means of hacking the system or skewing results but they are not actually sanctioned by the associated social network. If done well and with integrity, it’s simply another practice of social amplification that leverages real people to interact with your content more genuinely.

Sponsoring Influencer Posts

Give influencers the freedom to come up with content originally and in their own context and voice. This can get them to authentically talk positively about your brand while delivering messages relevant to your industry. This could be more effective if you work simultaneously with several influencers on the same social media platform within the same period of time maybe during the launch of a product. It’s such times that you can greatly benefit from the widespread buzz as well as improved interests. Using this modality, consider organizing contests or giveaways that direct their followers to your social media pages. In the long run, you will find this to be a win-win strategy since influencers provide value to their community while directing traffic to yours.

Hosting an Account Takeover

One other effective way to send influencer audiences to your profile is through takeovers. Not only do their audiences get to interact with content posted by the influencer on your website, it also gets new audiences to familiarize with your brand. Allowing an influencer take control of your account for say a day or a week by giving them full access or letting them send the content for you to publish on their behalf is a surefire way of increasing your engagement. It may include such algorithms as the Instagram Stories, which have become a wildly popular and efficient means of delivering visibility and organic growth for brands.

Sponsoring Live Broadcasts for Influencers

Livestreaming could validly be considered the present and even the future of video and online marketing and it’s worth not dismissing the benefits it’s likely to garner considering its growing popularity among users. Social media platforms are well-versed with this preference and are actively pushing live videos into users’ feeds. Seeing the effect of live videos on engagement boosts, influencers are adding them to their bucket lists of essential components of content presentation. Getting your brand ahead and before an influencer’s audience during a livestream could imply instant access to a vast pool of consumers who are 100% engaged and present in real-time. Inviting influencers to events and sponsoring their on-site livestreams can greatly impact your online presence. You may also have them as guests on your brand’s live session on Facebook or Instagram. If they are readily accessible, you can do it in person but there’s also the option of long-distance collaboration through Instagram’s recently introduced feature that lets users go live with others remotely.

Key to Success in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to exponentially grow in popularity with more and more brands exploiting influencer collaborations in the implementation of successful digital marketing campaigns — and there’s no sign this is going to stop anytime soon. As far as statistics go, the future looks so bright for social media as a platform for influencer marketing. If you haven’t leveraged it yet, you definitely need to give it a try. Without the right tips and strategies at your disposal, it can be a little tricky and time consuming. Thankfully, you’re now well versed with a couple of tips that have proven effective in harnessing the true potential of influencer marketing. Of course the market is full of options and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy, but for best results, a blend of micro-, power middle and top-tier influencers and going from one-off campaigns beyond to longer-term partnerships with aligned influencers you can grant recognition as brand advocates for your business would be ideal.

Guest Author: Venkatesh C.R, CEO of Dot Com Infoway, handling the entire team of professionals with experience on small as well as the large integrated projects. Dot Com Infoway, 360° App & Web solutions company that turns your ideas into world-class products and helps you reach your target customer.

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