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Best Bug Management Tools For Your Android and iOS Apps

The intensity and ubiquity of apps specifically, iOS and Android apps, is suggesting that the IT world will become unstoppable in the future. App developers need to become more practical and quality-oriented while a hint of improvising won’t affect their creativity.

The App Store and the Play Store are heaped with innovative and fascinating applications that serve various tastes and fetishes. But the truth is every app is on the verge of collapsing if it isn’t serving the customer satisfaction as well as an interactive user-interface. While randomly popping bugs after the app release becomes another nightmare for the app owners.

Consequently, here we have collected the top most Bug Management Tools that can actually secure your Android apps as well as iOS apps.

Read on to know them:

1. Kualitee

Kualitee is one of the most focused bug hunting and management software. The defect management tool has a variety of features that provide its users a detailed view of every defect detected. The defect understanding becomes even more feasible when the user views it via different formats and media. The tool lets you have a review of the bug backlog through the versatile information pointers.

Furthermore, the key provisions of Kualitee includes the very resourceful Information Rich Format and the interactive dashboard that allows the testers hunt bugs screened under the cluttered patterns.

Testers can easily track bugs by running multiple test cycles and trace as many bugs under the hood ready to spoil that app under process.

While integrations like JIRA, Jenkins, and Bitbucket Pipeline turn out to be a practically important resource to detect defects and create custom bug reports accordingly. Keeping the quality maintained, the much aligned bug detection saves the testers from extra money and minute consumption.

All and all, you won’t have to recreate and re-runs test cycle to reproduce bugs you can pick them up from the bug history and use them again for future purposes. This is how Kualitee saves the crucial hours and meets its purpose of quality.

Kualitee works beyond your imagination by upholding your business and clientele requirements and expectations.

2. Backlog

Backlog is another popular bug and project management tool. Newbie testers can easily use the software since it has very easy and user-friendly controls. Users can detect, report, track bugs by just staying in one platform. Backlog provides an accurate bug history containing the everyday issue updates as well as any change in the status.

Testing and development teams utilize Backlog to collaborate and work with outside IT teams and to achieve high-end iOS OR Android app and project delivery. It has its own search engines, inbuilt Git and SVN, Gantt Charts and Burndown charts, Wikis and Watchlists, Native mobile apps, and much more.

3. GitHub

GitHub is convenient defect and project management tool that helps testing teams in assigning tasks, building reputations, scheduling test cycles, detecting and assigning bugs, a pull request, and viewing any change in the source codes. Besides, you can log and records various projects, create milestones, and leave notes, feedback, and ideas.

4. Mantis

Mantis is an easy-to-use bug management tool built and written in PHP. It has numerous options that allow testers to customize notification delivery, demonstrate testing fields, allowing control to only privileged roles, and ultimately the team discipline that help in achieving various tasks on time.

Moreover, Mantis has a separate community forum where teammates bring ideas and gives feedbacks to help each other out on various tasks and activities related to a perfect app creation.

While MantisHub is an advanced option for the users that provides proficient email delivery support and a far-reaching information base, as well as high-quality plugins for user assistance, chat integrations and user import.

5. BugZilla

BugZilla is an amazing tool that handles all the buggy happening inside a test case. It is an open source tool that delivers some very super features to its users such as an email notification for every change in code or script, creation of customized charts and reports, offers patch viewers, bugs can be viewed and listed in various formats, make a timetable for daily, weekly, and monthly reports, lets you trace duplicate or repeated bugs, prioritizes severe bugs, and most of all, it predicts when a bug should get fixed.

6. Redmine

Redmine is another competitive bug and defect management tool developed on Ruby on Rails structure. It is one adaptable and flexible open-source tool that tackles multiple test management projects at a time. Interestingly, each project has its own wiki that helps in managing the documentations, strategy, and history. It has its own gantt charts, SCM integration, role-defined access, multi-lingual system, versatile database support, calendar, manageable notifications and flexible email delivery system.

What a treat if you get to find an adroit software testing company like Kualitatem that has its own bug management tool Kualitee with every feature you ever wished for.

So, make a choice for your upcoming iOS and Android apps and spot on!

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