Benefits of Exterior Wrap in Airline Advertising

Wrap advertisement describes the marketing practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle/airline in an advertisement. This is like the centre spread of airline advertising.

Wrap advertising in airlines can be achieved by painting an airline’s outer surface or by using large vinyl sheets. These vinyl sheets can be later removed with relative ease, reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements.

A high quality ‘comfortable vinyl wrapping’ material is used to wrap almost any and every part of the aircraft. Comfortable material is used because it is the easiest to work with, especially on contoured surfaces.

Using a proper adhesive along with vinyl sheets that feature bubble-preventing channels when applying the material to the surface of the aircraft is essential, otherwise the wrap can lead to adhesive failure in some time during few flights after the application.

Exterior advertisement graphics are the first message passengers see when they approach the aircraft, and it creates a bold visual impact for all airport passengers and personnel. Based on the airline, advertisers can purchase either spot location graphics in strategic locations on the outside of the aircraft, or wraps which cover the entire fuselage.

Exterior airline ads are visible at all times, during select phases of flight: Pre-flight, boarding, deplaning and post-flight.

Exterior airline advertisement is attention grabbing. Brightly coloured, attractive wraps can make your ad stand out and speak for itself on the runway for passengers to notice.

The secret to effective airline advertisement is to make a great first impression. Wraps on airlines have now become a powerful branding and marketing tool in business. Colourful aircrafts with innovative wrap designs are definitely engaging that people’s eyes naturally gravitate towards them.

Depending on how many aircrafts are placed on the runway, exterior airline advertising can reach unlimited number of viewers (passengers) per month as it travels around the globe. Innovative advertising reaches a larger set of audience with an exterior wrap than any other form of advertising gaining more profitable business from any business.

These plane-wraps are an industry-first in India, while other airlines have promoted their own airline or sold spots to other companies for branding. This innovative advertising strategy to wrap an entire plane is looked at as a promotional marketing vehicle to an external company.

This kind of airline ad branding definitely creates a buzz and awareness by making the news and ensuring publicity for the company. This kind of advertising is catching up and there is more scope of such branding initiatives in the future of airline advertising.

Guest Author: Taara Singh, work at Atin OOH and enjoy reading & writing articles about Business News, Technology & Travel Topics. You can learn more about Taara at her website and you can follow her on Google+.

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