Avail The Most Popular Apps of 2016

Google is having the place that is very popular and the name of that place is the play store and there are numerous of apps. From this store it is very easy to download. But is also fact that downloading is not the right kind of thing that you will be doing and making the load more but getting the best and most popular apps of 2016 is the right kind of decision that you will take. It is the largest store that you are having on the internet and also very important store because you get all things that you like to have. Here are the most popular apps 2016 that are very useful and you are able to get very good benefits from these:



One of the best app that helps you in saving the battery and it is very much power saving mode that can help you I n the time where you are not having the chance of charging it.

Clean Master

Clean Master

Another latest 2016 app that is providing you the speed and all the junk that are not I n use I n your device are easy to delete with this app.

Avast Antivirus and Security

Avast Antivirus and security

with the name you have come to know the purpose of this app and it is very much useful for the PC as well as laptops. Helps the computer to get damaged from the viruses and secure all your data.

Next Lock Screen


This is the free app that you are able to have and it is very much for using the certain to lock and you have another feature that it is able to show missed call, app alerts and text messages. You can have the alert even you have your mobile switch off. You can try Tata cliq promo codes that will help you save money.

Opera Max


Another app that is for free and with the help of this you can have unlimited data on your device. It saves lot that of the data you used in general.



If you are having the things that you like to read after words and you might not able to have the internet connection then this app is helping you to put that article in this app.



is the app that is providing you the maps and locations of the area that is used when you are not having the mobile data plan. It is for free.



Very good app and also getting the popularity because this app is able to manage the information that comes to your phone every day.

Whats App


you might have used it before as it is one of the most famous and also popular app that is used all over the world but the latest version of 2016 is the best that you have for you because there are many things new that are included and you will enjoying these new tools.



the best and most common that people are using and it latest version of 2016 is having some better options that you will be having lot more time to save and you are also getting money to be saved for you. It is the most reliable app that you are having today on the internet.

As above mentioned apps are the most popular apps 2016 that you are having today and all these apps are very much available on the Google play store. There are many of these apps that you are getting for free and you must take this as your advantage and get the benefits that you are getting from these apps 2016.

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