How The Automotive Revolution Will Change Lives In The Next 20 Years?

The future of automobile industry is shinning bright and has a lot to offer! Let’s have a sneak peek of about the next automotive revolution.

In today’s technically advanced era, almost every sector around the globe has been benefited directly or indirectly from one or other innovation. Thanks to the multi-talented engineers and innovators, the world is moving ahead at a very fast pace towards complete automation, convenience and a better living. Not only this, but some innovations also enhance the security, safety and life cycle of human beings. And who knows, the next innovation may take us 100 years ahead in future that too today only.

Innovations in The Automobile Industry

The worldwide automobile industry has been constantly benefited from the advent of new technologies and innovations. Whether it is for safety, convenience, entertainment, automation, usefulness, practicality or becoming environment friendly, the automobile industry has always utilized innovations at its best.

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Almost every automobile brand has already framed its future plan, and they are working hard to achieve it on time. Big brands like Mercedes, Audi and BMW have invested large capitals on multiple futuristic projects, which aim towards creating the next big innovation in the automobile industry.

Self-driving or driverless, electrical or hybrid vehicles is only the knock at the door of future. Automobile brands have already achieved success in these technologies, which was a dream a few decades ago. And now, they plan to take these technologies on the next level and implement them worldwide on a larger scale.

Driver and Passenger Safety is probably one of the biggest concerns of every automobile brand today. Most of the technologies available today are built for enhancing safety and saving more lives. Anti-lock breaking system, electronic brakeforce distribution, electronic stability control, hill-start assist, collision warning and blind spot warning systems are just a few technologies which make our cars safer.

These innovations are just a small drop in the ocean. And the ocean is still too big to explore. The futuristic technologies could not only revolutionize the automobile industry, but also the human transportation in general.

What Lies In The Future?

automotive revolution 3

This is a very big question to answer. One can’t simply predict what the future has to serve us. But going with the trending stories, what’s on road and what’s being tested, we can frame an image of future in our minds. Some of the upcoming innovations might have entered in the testing phase, and some might have been on roads for testing purposes as well. You never know, when you would be reading this, an automobile brand might be showcasing its next big innovation.

Good Bye to Petrol, Diesel & Gas

Thanks to the availability of electric cars, you won’t have to worry about the increasing pollution level in your city. Also, you don’t have to worry about increasing petroleum products as electric cars are expected to completely overtake cars running on petrol, diesel and gas. As electricity is a renewable energy, the electric cars are environment friendly and they produce no smoke. Not only this, but they are also quite cheaper to run and maintain.

Today, there are many electric vehicles on sale around the globe. However, the future is expected to have all vehicles running on electric power only. Other than vehicles, the innovators are also working on electric airplane modules. Sounds interesting!

Energy-storing Body Panels

Energy-storing Body Panels – This is the future of electric cars! In Europe, a total of nine big automobile brands have collaborated to work on energy storing body panels. A team of innovators is researching and testing such body panels that can store electric energy and charge faster than the regular batteries available today. These panels would be made of polymer fiber and carbon resin, which are strong enough to be used on cars. These panels would also reduce the car’s total weight by 15%.

These panels could be recharged through the energy produced by advanced technologies like regenerative breaking and the regular charging process. These panels would help in reducing the size of hybrid batteries. Moving a step ahead, it can be expected that these body panels could be charged through solar energy as well.

Better & Better Airbags

Airbags are not new to the automobile industry. Today, almost every car segment offer front airbags as a standard safety feature. However, bigger and expensive cars offer more on this like knee airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags, seat belt airbags and much more. These airbags have proven themselves to be a life-saving mechanism at various instances of a car crash.

The future is expected to roll-out better and safer airbags, which ensure 100% passenger and driving safety at the time of an accident. The renowned automobile brand Mercedes is already working on an airbag that deploys from underneath the car, automatically stopping the car before a crash. Currently, no Mercedes car comes with this technology but the future will definitely show us one.

Self-driving or Driverless Cars

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Driverless cars are already under the testing phase in many parts of the world. Big automobile brands like Tesla, Audi, BMW, Toyota and Lexus have showcased their driverless cars and we expect them to have a wide presence across the globe in next 10 years. The search engine giant – Google has also produced its own self-driving vehicle to compete with other automobile brands.

Tesla has emerged as a big player in this segment. Recently, they have made a deal with Dubai Taxi Corporation to deliver 200 self-driving Tesla Model S and Model X, which would be used as taxis in Dubai. A big move towards an automated future!

Futuristic Dashboard on Windshield

Just imagine your car’s windshield will turn into a touch-screen display and will show your car controls, speed, fuel status, distance to empty, AC controls, Maps, GPS navigation, service alerts, collision warning and much more all together based on a simple and intuitive interface. And when you are not driving, this windshield will turn into your infotainment system, allowing you to watch videos/movies while your car is parked at a safe place.

Cars That Talk to Each Other

Cars in future will be connected to each other through a computerized module and they would talk to each other. The location detail of each and every car will be synced on the network, and this would be useful for safety & security purposes. Any two cars will get to know much before a possible crash, and the respective drivers will be warned in-advance, saving their lives. Sounds interesting!

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