Augmented Reality Technology Impact on the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world. It is definitely one industry that keeps on changing as newer technologies come to the fore. One of the technologies currently turning heads in gaming is augmented reality.

Over the last couple of years, the gaming industry has welcomed augmented reality with open arms. The worldwide success of Pokemon GO! is a testimony to the same. The world waits to witness how augmented reality development influences gaming in the years to come.

The State of Augmented Reality in Gaming Now

Augmented reality has been doing the rounds for some years, but it’s only found its feet over the last year or so, thanks in particular to Pokemon GO!; a game that has taken the technology mainstream, and given people a glimpse of its potential.

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The principle of augmented reality, overlaying digital information on real-world environments, is fascinating. Certain games like Ingress (2012) have worked with the principles of augmented reality, but it’s Pokemon GO that has been responsible for taking augmented reality to the masses. Following its success, more and more developers are trying their hands at developing commercially successful games with the technology at their core. Future augmented reality based games would require end-users to invest in technologies such as the Microsoft Holo lens and Magic Beam.

At this point in time, there are several augmented reality mobile apps available for download as well. But these mobile apps only work with certain aspects of AR, and most of them are only good for killing some time.

What the Future Holds?

Augmented reality is still taking shape. It is a technology that is yet to be explored thoroughly, and gear such as Magic Beam and Microsoft Hololens only seek to take the exploration further. Games such as If You Go Away, RoboRaid, Young Conker, and Woorld are already in the works, and it won’t be long before these games shake up the augmented reality scene in gaming.

With the passage of time and further development in augmented reality technology, experts predict that gaming would be more than just controlling characters on a computer or mobile screen. Games of the future would step out from our screens and into the very fabrics of our real lives. One day in the future, when augmented reality technology is accepted by masses worldwide, you can expect to play games anywhere and everywhere. As long as you have the right gear for augmented reality gaming, the entire world could be your playground.

While augmented reality certainly holds a lot of promise as far as gaming is concerned, it still has to go a long way before it can unsettle the traditional gaming giants; the PC and the consoles. But one thing’s for sure, augmented reality offers a whole new gaming experience; one that combines the virtual and the real brilliantly. For gamers, augmented reality based games are something to look forward to. The games promise to be not just fun to play, but much more engaging and interactive experiences.

  • Guest Author: Alex Poulson is a CEO of a world-class augmented reality company, Indestry. He is creative & good in bringing new ideas to the team.
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