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7 Reasons Why People Might Hate Your Mobile Application

Do you want to make your mobile app client oriented and looking to ease the lives of your customers? You need to make sure that you understand their problems and things that might be irritating for them.

As per the reports, approximately 80% of all applications never get opened twice, and many of such forgotten applications are deleted forever. Do you know what are the reasons that people might hate your mobile application? How will you avoid such pitfalls and enhance your mobile app retention?

Here are the reasons people might hate your mobile application:

Push Notifications

We all know that smartphones are considered as a great for notifying us about essential things of our lives, but many a time, they also annoy us. If the smartphone is buzzing because of a new email that is one thing and another thing fully if it is a nudge to do some shopping.

You do not have to annoy your users with continuous notifications as users will just open and close your app so that they can get rid of it and your application will be deleted if it happens for continuous time. In any case, if the user has disabled the notifications, the application should not ask it again to turn them on.

Evade Disturbing Advertising

It is especially true when it comes to talking about the full-screen and video ads with lots of heavy graphics, which make your phone crazy. Do you know that free apps with great potential and usefulness can spoil the impression with unresponsive ads that are dominating the whole positive experience?

However, you can make use of any advertising if it is your monetization model. You also need to ensure that you test how it is working and whether it is resembling the seventh circle of hell or.

Constantly Asking for Likes or Reviews

There are some of the applications that have self-esteem issues. You should make sure that you don’t be such app that constantly asks for the like and reviews from the users.

We all know that positive reviews are important, but smooth and interruption-free user experience plays a significant role.

When people open an application, they usually try to accomplish something, and at the time of opening an app store to leave a review is not a big thing, but it is an interruption. Users don’t like such interruption and they got irritated.

Facebook Intrusion

When it comes to talking about the Facebook intrusion, they are not user-friendly. You make sure that you always exchange something valuable so that you can access to a user’s profile as there are lots of users, who are aware of the extent to which a company or a developer has access to their important information.

Good Looking But Difficult Interface

Do you know that novel ways of navigating through an application can be quite tempting? Unique and exclusive menus, attractive buttons and responsive elements can be beautiful, provided they don’t challenge users too much.

However, there are some design elements that are universal to iOS as well as Android, incorporated into most apps. Menu pop-out, button placement and navigating back and forward are mostly universal. You should search for an application with good reviews, which merges elements. It might be quite harder than you think.

Apps with In-app Purchases

Now, it seems that there is no such thing as a free application, especially when the game that you are playing motivates you to spend money so that you can advance to the next level.

There are lots of gaming applications that ask you to pay money for playing the next level after some levels. While paying money, there will be no need to credit card details as your mobile device will automatically access payment details if you have paid earlier for any product in the iTunes store.

Apps That Ask You to Entering Personal Details

To access advanced yet unique features of the app, you are asked to enter the personal details, but you might feel hesitate to give your personal details. In lots of apps, hackers are capable of exploiting vulnerabilities that have not gone through the required security checks before launch.

Now, users are also becoming aware that various companies are looking forward to gathering such data about habits. Such data will be shared with third-parties or used by companies to learn more about and ultimately control customer behaviour.

Bonus – Applications That Often Ask You to Update Them

We always welcome updates when they honestly enhance the whole functionality of the applications, but we all hate those apps that often ask us to update them. Updates that are excessive and time-consuming, waste users’ time every week or every day.

However, if you come to know that you should release some updates, first ask yourself that whether it is worth the inconvenience to your users. If you find it essential to release and you can justify it, make sure your users comprehend why the app requires being updated – allow them to know what they are getting and why.

So, these are some of the reasons why people might hate your application and head-up to delete it. In case, if you want a feature-rich mobile application for your business that users do not delete, you should hire a mobile app developer from an experienced mobile development company that has successfully developed mobile apps for clients worldwide.

Guest Author: Sohel Ather is a head of marketing department at Space O technologies company, leading brand to Hire iphone app developer. Sohel is responsible for content marketing and Guest blogging for company. He enjoys exploring latest mobile app technologies and taking on new challenges.

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