7 Magento Extensions for Adding Cart in your Online Shop

All online shoppers want the shopping process to be easy and quick as far as possible. When customers start buying products on E-commerce websites, they want to collect several products quickly, accumulate all of them in one place and then check them instantly before making the final decision to buy the much need products and discard less important items.

For this purpose, E-commerce website operators use add-to-cart button. In fact, add to cart is an essential feature, which allows online shoppers to choose a number of products for eventual purchasing. It helps both, website owners and customers to save their precious time and energy.

It helps E-shop owners to tackle shopping cart abandonment rate and boost sales. On the other hand, It allows shoppers to have a look at the total added items and know the cart subtotal (in terms of price).

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If you operate Magento E-commerce website, there are various extensions you can use to add the “shopping cart” to your site and increase its usability. Go through a list of 7 Magento extensions detailed here below:

1. Cosmic Cart

Cosmic Cart

Download: Magento Connect

Cosmic Cart is a useful Magento extension, which is aimed at making E-commerce websites easier for both, sellers and for buyers. When you install this extension on your site, you activate your store with Cosmic’s omnichannel server to distribute your products easily around shoppers.

For shoppers, it embeds the shopping cart to the site and makes it easier for them to add purchasable items to the shopping list quickly

This extension helps retailers to fetch more and more business to their E-commerce website and boost the conversion rate substantially. Apart from this, it also allows them to get more data on what they are selling to customers and what they can do to push sales.

2. MobiCart


Download: Magento Connect

For the sake of increasing your E-commerce business quickly, you are bound to allow your customers/potential buyers to place orders easily on your website and pay for the purchased goods/services in the way which is extremely flexible & convenient. That is why; you can’t ignore the traffic coming from different mobile devices. If your E-commerce site has a responsive mobile version, it will boost your sales greatly.

That is why; You should use MobiCart without any hesitation to create a mobile storefront in an easy way. You can do it quickly either by adding it to an existing website via API or by creating an app.

3. Jmage Special Shopping Cart Rule

Jmage Special Shopping Cart Rule

Download: Magento Connect

Frequent buyers habitually compare prices and look for discounts on almost all products they buy because of their intention to save some money and increase their buying power. Do you also get such customers on your E-commerce websites? If yes, then use Jmage Special Shopping Cart Rule extension on your site without having any hesitation.

When you use this extension, it allows you to decide the discount price on high and low priced items in the shopping cart and let users know about the discounted price. It also supports coupon codes, conditions, and combinations within the shopping cart rule settings and helps buyers to buy the most appropriate items at discounted rates easily. It helps you to pamper your loyal customers who buy frequently from your shop and expect discounts from you.

4. The Cart Closer – Perfectly Timed Offers That Prevent Cart Abandonment

The Cart Closer

Download: Magento Connect

High shopping cart abandonment rate hurts the business of E-commerce websites. There are many customers who land on shopping websites with an intention to buy products. But, due to various reasons, they stop shopping abruptly and leave the shopping cart without completing the transaction.

To tackle this issue, E-retailers can use the cart closer extension on their Magento stores. This extension is developed to encourage shoppers to accomplish the order. It displays a customizable offer to shoppers with incentives to stay on the website and accomplish the order quickly.

5. Ajax Add to Cart with Amazing Favicon Notification

Ajax Add to Cart with Amazing Favicon Notification

Download: Magento Connect

If you want to offer an easy shopping experience to buyers on your Magento website and help them make instant buying decisions, then you must use this extension. This extension allows customers to prolong their shopping without any problems.

It helps them to add products to the cart easily without waiting for the pages to reload each time. The extension helps customers to accumulate their products in the cart from the product list page or cart page through pop-up forms and accomplish the order immediately.

6. J2T Auto add VA

J2T Auto add VA

Availability: Magento Connect

J2T Auto add VA is a highly useful Magento 2 extension which allows E-commerce website owners to define a few rules that facilitate the products to get added automatically in the shopping cart.

It is quite helpful for those store managers who run special product sales campaigns from time-to-time to promote their sales by providing some free items with the purchased goods. For instance, “buy 2 shirts and get one absolutely free”. Using this extension, you can easily display the details about the auto added products on product views pages.

7. Add Multiple Products To Cart – Bulk order

Add Multiple Products To Cart - Bulk order

Availability: Magento Connect

Sometimes, buyers want to buy several products easily in a short period of time. So, they hastily choose products and add them to cart. Many times, they need to go to the internal pages of the website and look into product’s details before adding to the cart. It is a time-consuming process which irritates customers quite often.

In order to help your customers in bulk shopping, you can use this extension. It will allow them to choose multiple products and add all of them to the cart with a single mouse click. It enables them to add various products from category page itself, which increases their shopping experience up to a great extent while doing bulk shopping.

This extension is fully compatible with all prominent browsers and works very well on different mobile devices. As a result, you enjoy immense traffic on your website and more purchasing orders as well.

Final Thoughts

The main task of E-commerce websites is to attract users to purchase products/services. For this, apart from other factors, “add to Cart” or “add to basket” button plays an important as they simplify the shopping process for customers. If you operate Magento E-commerce and looking for useful extensions to provide “add to basket” feature on your site, these are some options that could meet your needs comfortably.

Guest Author: Emily is an experienced CMS Developer, currently employed at HireMagentoGeeks. She is providing Magento development services and has a team of developers to assist her. Follow her on Twitter.

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