7 Best SEO Tools for Website Audits

There are many different tactics for search engine optimization. Some marketers would even provide you with a checklist of all the do’s and don’ts in SEO. On paper, this may look like an outline of everything you need to do to gain satisfactory results when auditing your website. Yet, if you fail on the technicalities of SEO, you can tick all the boxes in your checklist or employ the best virtual assistance and still struggle with achieving your goals.

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The good news is, auditing your website need not be a dreaded task, and your SEO efforts need not amount to unachieved goals. There are SEO tools you can use to help you draw crucial data and analyze how your website fares.

1. MySiteAuditor

While other website-auditing tools assess an entire site, MySiteAuditor targets specific keywords. Easily integrated to websites for generating leads, this is the go-to tool of big SEO firms. Because one’s SEO efforts must be compatible with Google’s algorithm, the tools used should be close to the giant search engine’s ranking system as well. MySiteAuditor meets this criterion. The results it draws up can be sent through email or downloaded in a PDF format.

2. IIS SEO Toolkit

IIS SEO Toolkit is a brainchild of Microsoft. It aims to help web server administrators, web developers, and hosting providers make their web content more relevant to search engines.

Included in the kit are the following:

  • Robots Exclusion Module
  • Site Analysis Module
  • Site Indexes Module
  • Sitemaps

This extensive kit helps with various tasks – from helping users to control search engine access to customizing reports, and providing a quick, easy access to frequently-used tasks.

3. Seoptimer

A free website-auditing tool, Seoptimer is a gem for anyone aiming to see their website ranking increase. Utilized by business owners, marketers, webmasters, and SEO experts, the tasks performed by Seoptimer is as varied as its users.

Some of these tasks are as follows:

  • Check how a website will respond to different devices and resolutions
  • Generate keywords from a blurb of a website content for effective search competition plan
  • Check broken links

The makers of Seoptimer know that time is invaluable in marketing that’s why the tool can assess the critical errors in a website within seconds. The report also includes suggestions on how a site can rank higher in search engines.

4. SiteAnalyzer

This aptly named tool provides up to 20 free assessments every month. If users prefer to run unlimited reports, they can upgrade to the paid version of SiteAnalyzer.

This SEO must-have tool can perform the following:

  • Analyze important backlinks
  • Compare keywords between two websites for improved SEO planning
  • Provide daily website ranking
  • Perform a comprehensive on-page analysis based on various factors such as design, security, content, and performance.

5. Woorank

Available in free and paid versions, Woorank is a versatile SEO tool that can be used by in-house SEO firms, web owners, and big SEO groups. With results presented in slide forms or PDF, Woorank boasts of the following features:
Comprehensive web reviews that include recommendations for online visibility through social media
Analysis tool to discover competitors’ keywords to help users strategize their next move
Marketing checklist to help users map out their tasks

6. Google Webmasters Tools

It is the ultimate objective of webmasters and business owners to see the name of their websites in the top spot of Google search. It is only fitting that Google’s Webmasters tools should be on your list. While some marketers may convince you that this free tool is one that you can do without, the features it provides are hard to miss. Google Webmasters can provide the following data:

  • HTML Markup
  • Broken links
  • Number of site impressions
  • Site speed
  • Indexed web pages

7. SEO Workers

Search engine optimization can be a daunting task for newbies. SEO Workers understand this fact; that’s why it offers phone consultation. It also provides tools that help in semantic and responsive web design and ecommerce solutions.

The online marketing strategies for small business or large corporations overlap when it comes to SEO. The company must hire highly-skilled content writers and use responsive web design so that prospective customers can be reeled in and persuaded to click through. For these strategies to be proven effective, you need the best SEO tools for website audits.

Now that you know what the top ones are, what SEO strategies are you changing today?

Guest Author : Catherine VanVonno is the President and Executive Director of 20Four7VA, a global Virtual Assistant (VA) Service Provider. She holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has over 10 years experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medical policy. She is married and has four children. You can reach her at

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