7 Awesome Giant Examples of Street Marketing

Marketers try to attract their customers through different advertising methods. There are several sources which we come across with ads such as, TV, internet, newspapers etc. We got used to see these advertisements in our daily lives; but how about the ads in the streets?

Marketers also apply different methods in order to attract our attention. One of the best way for this is using giant objects in the streets! This is called as street marketing or guerrilla marketing. It is an advertising strategy which aims to attract consumers by surprising them. These type of ads can go viral on social media too, as they are very interesting and unexpected. Here we collected some awesome examples for you.

Don’t forget to tell us which one is your favourite?

1. ADIDAS – Superstar Shoes


2. TELE 2 – Try fixed telephony through the mobile net here.


3. BİC – Lighter


4. BBC World News – You can’t bury a powerful question!


5. Discovery Channel – Shark Week

shark week discovery channel marketing2

shark week discovery channel marketing1

6. Drybar – Hair Dryer


7. Accessorize – Necklace



Above, you’ll find 7 awesome examples of using giant examples in street marketing. Marketers will continue to use more and more surprising items in the street!”

Guest Post By: Marketing Birds was founded on March 2016. It selects the best advertising ideas from all around the world and shares on Twitter!”

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