5 Best Mobile Apps For Beginner Drivers

Whether you are still learning to drive – or have recently passed and are ready to start getting a few miles under your belt – the first few months on the road can certainly prove to be a challenge. However, thanks to the latest app technology you can quite literally put yourself into gear knowing that help is merely a push button away!

Here we take a look at five of the most popular mobile apps which are particularly useful for beginner drivers:

1. Intelligent Marmalade

Unfortunately, one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to your first few months on the road can be the increasing cost of insurance. However, in an attempt to assist new drivers financially, most of the major insurance companies such as the AA, Aviva and the Co-Op now offer telematics – or ‘black box’ technology as it is more commonly referred to.

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The Intelligent Marmalade app is free to install on the iPhone and works in accordance with a tiny black box which is fitted into your vehicle to keep an eye on your driving habits (scary thought, we know!). Whilst the box remains discreetly out of view it works in the background to tell your insurer vital information such as where and when you are on the move, what speed you’re traveling at and even how harshly you hammer those brakes!

This particular app is a great way of keeping a close eye on your driving habits since it closely mimics the telematics and then provides you with an overall score so that you can quickly identify what you need to improve in order to become a better driver and ultimately, to cut down the cost of your car insurance.

2. AA Parking

If you are a new driver, or a little less experienced behind the wheel, then the last thing you want to be doing is trawling around city roads trying to find a parking space.

With the AA Parking app you will never have to worry about where you are headed since it searches all nearby car parks for you and provides real-time space availability straight to your phone.

Priced at just £1.99 and available on both the iPhone and Android smartphones, the AA Parking app also gives general information about parking prices, car park opening times and, with an added extra option, can even work alongside Google Maps to direct you – quite literally – into your parking space!

3. AutoGuard Blackbox

Another truly great app to help drive insurance costs down is the AutoGuard Blackbox.
Recently recognised as providing the very highest quality of recording against its main competitors, the AutoGuard Blackbox enables you to take photos, videos and even record as you drive. To do this, you simply place your smartphone into your car dock and the app will automatically start recording for you.

Despite being free to download, the app could prove to be invaluable in the unfortunate event of being involved in an accident. The recordings can easily be downloaded to prove who was at fault.

It is also worth noting that some insurers are prepared to offer significant discounts for drivers who use recording methods so always be sure to ask when you are looking to take out cover.

4. My Cars

Another useful mobile app for drivers to install on the Android phone is ‘My Cars’. This is a particularly good app for new drivers and those starting out with their very first car. It gives a clear indication of the vehicle’s running expenses including insurance, parking charges and fuel. Expenses such as these can often come as quite a shock to the new driver so it is a great way to budget ahead and ultimately avoid any nasty surprises.

Another key feature of the My Cars app is the ability to set advance reminders for key dates throughout the year. So, whilst many new car owners fall foul of forgetting their first MOT date, this app can certainly help keep you on track and above all, avoid any hefty fines for not being legally compliant!

5. RAC Traffic

Another great, (and free) app proving to be increasingly popular is RAC Traffic.
This clever bit of kit provides real-time traffic information across the whole of the UK and shows the very latest information for both major and minor routes. Again, this is particularly useful information if you have not yet got used to driving in heavy traffic conditions and will also alert you if you are heading towards a problematic traffic zone. What is more, the latest version also enables you to call the RAC direct from the app; making it a great backup tool should anything go wrong en route.

Guest Author: Giles Kirkland is a car expert at Oponeo who loves exploring new technological solutions in the automotive industry. Keen on sharing his expertise with other car enthusiasts, he also enjoys giving good advice on the practical aspects of driving.

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