4 VOIP Features To Make You More Productive At Work

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is fast becoming the norm when it comes to business communication. Using the internet to transmit voice calls has opened up the industry for UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service. These companies offer VoIP systems with special calling features to help businesses save time and money. Here are a few of the myriad features that can help you improve productivity at work.

1. Flexible Mobile Calling

You can answer inbound calls, just as you would on your desk phone, straight to your mobile device. A great VoIP feature widely available, even for one-person calling plans is the ability to call and receive calls at the same number via desk phone, smartphone, or desktop app. This can make you able to answer phones just the same way, whether you are out to lunch or coming back from a meeting. The customer or client experience will be the same either way. The number of missed calls that you then have to return is decreased. It also helps your company’s image by increasing availability to customers, clients, and internal calls.

2. Voicemail Text Transcription

“Voicemail transcription makes it easy to quickly read voicemails to return calls,” Heather Thomas from Destin Vacation Boat Rentals recently explained to BestCompany. Even if you do miss a call because you are already on the phone or in a conference call, VoIP has your back with text transcription of your voicemail messages. No longer do you have to dial a bunch of numbers and wait for your inbox to scroll through messages one by one. You can just pull up your email, while you are still on a conference call or in a meeting to see a text transcription and get back to customers as fast as possible.

3. CRM Integration

Some UCaaS provers offer VoIP software that can be integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software like Salesforce. Being able to handle all of your calls while recording and attaching audio files to a client or customer’s account, all within the same platform is a great way to save needless navigational clicks each day.

This streamlined organization can help improve customer experience. It helps agents fielding calls to have all of the information they need to answer caller questions, with decreased hold time to catch up on each case.

4. Auto Attendant

Specialized call forwarding technology has helped companies using UCaaS solutions saved an average of 32 minutes daily, per employee, because the staff was able to reach each other on the first try.

Instead of having to answer and route calls manually, you can use an auto-receptionist to save time and manpower. Your callers will be given a phone tree to help them get to the right place. This can either be one level or multi-leveled. It also helps to make sure that calls are being sent to the right place so that people don’t waste time having to understand a caller’s situation, then pass them on to whoever can actually solve the problem.

Unified communications features can save companies with 100 employees up to 191 company-wide hours per day. That is thousands of dollars per month in increased employee productivity. Isn’t it time that your business gets in on the action?

Guest Author: Anne-Marie Hays is interested in the telecom communications industry. She is passionate about helping SMBs save money. She writes for

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