10 Productivity Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs

You’ve enrolled to webinars to be better at time management and business strategy. You’ve planned your meetings and appointments two weeks ahead of time. You’ve even hired a virtual assistant to help you out with admin jobs.

So why do you still feel like you’re always running out of time?

Perhaps you need to step back and declutter your working space figuratively. After all, escaping the 9 to 5 grind is one of the popular perks of being a business owner. Isn’t it time to claim this and stop expending more hours than you should?

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Check out these 10 productivity hacks for busy entrepreneurs to help you:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Say NO

Remember the early stages of your business when you accepted one gig after another? It seems that every client, publicity chance, and learning opportunity that comes your way demands a positive answer. Otherwise, you lose the opportunity to grow your company. But as your business expands, you must learn to say NO occasionally. Do you have a deadline to beat? Perhaps you can put off another client meeting until you finish your high-priority tasks. Learning to say no will not only relieve you of stress, it will also help you develop your prioritizing skills.

2. Declutter Your Workspace

If you want to get more things done, decluttering your working area is a good place to start. Get rid of stacks of paper that you don’t use and arrange your supplies systematically. Keep the ones you often use closer to you and as much as possible, maintain the number of things on your table to a bare minimum. A clean, orderly working area will give you clear thinking as you work.

3. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Even if your whole week has already been mapped out by your virtual secretary, you must still plan your day the night before. That is, get your clothes ready if you are going out for a meeting, put all your essentials in your bag, and charge your devices. It’s little conveniences like this that will put you in the best mood to conquer the day.

4. Break Down Big Tasks Into Smaller Portions

There is nothing like the idea of a big, important task to stress you out and stunt your energy. If a looming deadline or important project is underway, tackle it as early as you can. Break down the task at hand into small, actionable portions. Instead of looking at it as a huge project, consider it as small, interconnected tasks that you can accomplish one at a time.

5. Snooze Social Media Notifications And E-mail

Apportion a specific time of the day to check and respond to social media and email. Most importantly, stick to your schedule. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting hours browsing through your newsfeed and emails.

6. Know WHEN To Give Time

Are there work meetings you can do without? Can some agenda be discussed through emails? Perhaps you can entrust core members of your team to update you on some projects. You don’t have to be present in every meeting and coach every member of your company. Respect your time by learning when to give it.

7. Take Advantage Of Visual Tools

Visual tools are proven to help people plan, organize, revise, and remember. Now, thanks to technology, visual tools are even easier to use. From mind maps and flowcharts, there are several online visual tools that will make your work faster and easier from brainstorming to finish.

8. Learn Through Audiobooks Or Podcasts

As an entrepreneur, it’s your obligation to keep yourself in-the-know about your industry. Realistically though, business people barely have enough time to spare on reading or taking down notes. The solution? Audiobooks and podcasts. Absorb information about your line of business while driving, tidying up, or just relaxing into bed.

9. Organize Digital Files

Monthly reports. Bills. Contact information. Digital files can pile up easily and mess up your desktop fast. You must establish a clear and systematic way of organizing your folders while backing up important information. Keep a standard naming procedure when identifying your files to avoid confusion.

10. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

This hack may sound too basic, but it is often the most overlooked when things start to get busy. Having adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and peace of mind will always be the pillars of your productivity. Turn off your phone before bed time, wind down by reading a relaxing book or drinking milk, and don’t skip breakfast. These are just a few things you can practice so you can be mentally alert and physically fit.

Are you ready to get more things done without stressing yourself out? These 10 productivity hacks for busy entrepreneurs will teach you how.

Guest Author : Catherine vanVonno, the author, is the President and Executive Director of 20Four7VA, a global Virtual Assistant (VA) Service Provider. She holds a doctorate degree in Applied Statistics, Research Design and Program Evaluation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has over 10 years experience in facilitating evidence-based strategic planning, product development, brand management, legislative communications, and medical policy. She is married and has four children.

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